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About EDS

Our History
EDS is one of the UK's rapidly growing multi-service companies, offering a unique and impressive portfolio of Products & Services. The EDS logo has long been established as a mark of quality and integrity, this being testament to our excellent track record and on-going success, which has lead to our position as key supplier to many major corporations. Since our foundation in 1992 and through to the present day, our skills, dedication and expertise, together with our core values have provided the building blocks that will drive us into the next millennium.

Core Values
We pride ourselves on our core values, simple and straightforward, based on fair principles with defined plans, with no hidden agenda or detail. Central to our core values is the need to maintain high ethical and moral standards in the workplace, this being achieved through our business approvals and national quality standard approvals, other core values we strongly believe in is our need to exceed our customer’s expectations of us and create a friendly working relationship.

Impartial Advice
Being privately owned and not tied to any one supplier we are able to provide complete and impartial advice, provide risk evaluation & analysis, define requirements and propose a logical plan of action, utilising the requisite experience and management skills to offer a totally independent perspective. We never make assumptions; our proposals are based on a detailed assessment of your requirements. Only once we have a clear understanding, do we compile a detailed proposal customised to meet your needs.

International Sales, Nationwide Installation, Service & Support
EDS have strong experience in supplying Internationally, to countries outside the UK and employ Nationwide Installation, Service & Support Teams, giving us total control over the entire supply chain, enabling us to offer superior service that we can control. Resulting in better quality, improved delivery lead-times and unrivalled response, with 24hrs emergency service coverage.

We also believe in controlling the fabrication and manufacturing of our products, see our Manufacturing Facility.

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