Alton Towers - Rollercoaster Restaurant

When Alton Towers needed to control pedestrian flow in their new rollercoaster themed restaurant, there was only one choice, EDS. We worked with the theme park on an exciting project to design/develop and install controlled glass fronted pedestrian gates. Alton Towers are experts in thrilling experiences; however this project went precisely to plan so no sudden ups and downs were required. The installation was for the Rollercoaster restaurant where EDS integrated our glass pedestrian gates.

  • Designed from Customer Brief
  • Complete Project Management
  • Automated Pedestrian Gate
  • End to End Service

EDSUK - Alton Towers - Rollercoaster Restaurant - pedestrian Gates

The EDS Pedestrian Access Gates - to control the flow of people.

EDS - Looking into the Rollercoaster Resetaurant

Looking through the themed restaurant

EDS - Pedestrian Gates opening into the Rollercoaster Resetaurant

During fitting Pedestrian Gates "Opening up" Into the themed restaurant

EDS - Pedestrian Glass Gates

EDS Glass Pedestrian Gates at the Alton Towers Rollercoaster Restaurant

EDS - Pedestrian Gates

Operator Controlled - Glass - Pedestrian Barrer Gates

The gates are operator controlled and can allow or deny access for pedestrians based on a set of control switches, these switches are conveniently located behind the main counter. EDS took care of the design/development and installation, which went very smoothly.
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