Automatic Door Openers & Closers

Automatic Door Openers & Closers

Electromechanical drive systems for swing doors that is particularly suitable for installation on narrow profiles and in situations where space is at a premium.

With a range of highly compact operators; it will move large and heavy internal and external doors easily and with virtually no noise. The quiet operation is achieved by using a low-noise direct current motor and gears with direct power transmission to the door leaf with the help of the rod assembly/guide rail.

Reliable operation of the drive is achieved with a maintenance-free high performance motor with low wear characteristics and state-of-the-art control technology.  

  • Highly Reliable Door Operators
  • Manual Operation with Automatic Facility
  • Range of Safety Features Available
  • Fit to New or Existing Doors
  • DDA Compliant
  • Link to Access Control Systems

Automatic Door Openers & Closers

Electro-Hydraulic swing door operator recommended for medium traffic flow. Universal left or right transom mount pull (hinge side), transom mount push (opposite hinge side), door mount pull (hinge side) and door mount push (opposite hinge side), with a range of automatic door operators that can be integrated into almost any application.

With the Disability Discrimination Act now in force those involved in the construction industry are responsible for ensuring entrances are accessible to all.  

Automatic Overhead Door Operators

Automatic Door Openers & Closers

Overhead Door Operators

Application . Offices, public buildings and private homes.
. This product is suitable for disabled people in a manual operation.
. Very easy to commission - for both new and old doors: install, connect to power, set parameters, ready.
. Push-and-Go: immediate opening upon manual pushing or pulling the door.
. Silent, electromechanical drive with recirculating ball screw.
. Sturdy built-in open-end stop does away with external stoppers.
. In case of obstacles in opening direction, immediate reversal of direction of motion thanks to integrated electronic power monitoring.
. In case of power failure, easy to open manually with controlled closing by means of an integrated spring.
. Sliding lever can be upgraded with a panic device for installation to emergency exit doors.
. Adjustable latching control to ensure correct closing of door.

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Automatic Door Openers & Closers

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