CCTV Camera Systems & Digital CCTV IP Technology

CCTV Digital Technology

We are able to provide cost effective Digital Technology Systems from single camera units to multi-site systems linked to organisations own computer networks and websites, controlling any amount of cameras around the globe with a simple click of a button, with all the quality and reassurance of Digital Technology.

From Fixed Cameras to Pan & Tilt & Dome Cameras with powerful zoom lenses capable of picking out a number plate at distances greater than a mile away, we have the technology, resources and in-house skills to meet your requirements.  

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CCTV Camera Systems & Digital CCTV IP Technology

CCTV Systems can be linked into our Secure Monitoring Centre to monitor your site 24hrs a day, to detect an intruder entering a protected area. The system automatically detects movement and notifies our Secure Monitoring Centre who can communicate with the person and follow them on the ground and liaise with security and emergency personnel to affect instant results, with every instance being recorded for evidential purposes.

Additionally CCTV can be used as excellent management tool, providing up-to-the-minute information from around your premises, with interfacing into other systems, for instance to open and close gates, turn on or off lights, monitor remote stations etc, only the imagination limits our abilities.

CCTV Systems from Conception to Completion

CCTV Camera Systems & Digital CCTV IP Technology

EDS have the in-house skills to provide a complete turnkey package, from initial concept to completion, organising planning consents, local power, communications & utilities companies, to installation of groundworks, delivery of street furniture such as columns, gantrys etc, then the final leg to design and supply all the necessary desk consoles and control room furniture, control and monitoring equipment and infrastructure, wiring and connectivity.

We have the experience, knowledge and know-how to do the same for you, on-time and on budget - guaranteed.

Town Centre CCTV Systems

CCTV Camera Systems & Digital CCTV IP Technology


We have a wide range of cameras available from small covert cameras to static cameras, dome cameras to vandal proof cameras, with our harsh environment cameras able to withstand vandal damage and explosion proof cameras for use in highly volatile environments.

For those challenging applications that demands a camera with the ability to produce a good picture even under poor lighting conditions Cameras, we have a suitable array of high quality colour cameras for day and night operation to suit every applications. Compact, robust construction makes these cameras ideal for all types of surveillance both internal and external.


EDS monitors offer clear high resolution pictures and a huge range of shapes and sizes, from the traditional "boxed" monitors to flat screen display and high resolution plasma, LCD & TFT display walls upto 62" displays as an individual display.

For large displays of multiple images we are able to supply a monitor wall where individual monitoris can be built into a large array of display, alternatively a projector based display can be employed showing switching images with a variety of inputs from news stations and weather reports keeping your environment upto date.

Digital Video Recorders & Control Equipment

Not being tied to any one manufacturer allows us to offer you unbiased advice based on our experiences and a system to meet with your requirements.

Our range of DVR's offer intuitive interfaces allowing easy local user operation and IP connectivity to provide remote monitoring and system configuration capabilities, from simple single channel unit recording a single camera to fully integrated system based DVR's with terabytes of storage facilities.

The DVR's internal hard disks provide high quality, continuous digital recording, with an option to record real-time images. High quality image recordings are accessible locally to the user from a single button selection or via a powerful network based web based browser facility for remote users and operators. Variable alarm configuration allows remote notification of alarms via a variety of communication channels. There is support for pre-event alarm recording to ensure sufficient images are captured before the incident occurs and high quality bi-directional network audio provides on-site communication.

An on-board DVD writer providing a quick and easy solution for copying images to DVD or CD media. Optional external storage facilities from RAID based storage devices to server networks, to maintain a high degree of data integrity and archiving, all with digital watermarking to help identify and eliminate any tampering with recorded images.

Multiple monitors, monitor walls or system matrix can be configured and connected to the DVR to allow several images from different sites to be viewed on the monitors, by using triplex recording technology the live multi-screen viewing and playback of images does not interrupt pre-recorded multiplex recording.

Motion detection system can be configured to change the recording rate of the DVR into real-time for alarm instances or generate an alarm condition and signal the monitoring centre that an alarm event has occurred.

IP CCTV system

CCTV Camera Systems & Digital CCTV IP Technology

CCTV over IP is fast becoming the benchmark for CCTV systems in that it provides the connectivity of the remote cameras with the convenience of connecting to a server or web based browser, allowing secure access from wherever your site is based - around the globe.

One of the main benefits of using IP cameras is that they can be much more easily integrated into other systems and are not limited to a single location.

A Digital video recorder can be connected to a computer network to then allow the images to be sent and received over the network whether it be a LAN or the internet.

Existing analogue cameras can be converted to IP cameras using a video server connected to each camera or by using a digital video recorder to convert the analogue video signals to IP video data signals for transmitting over a computer network, providing an easy upgrade path to digital IP CCTV system without the need to replace the cameras.

ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems

ANPR Cameras

ANPR Automatic Number Plate Cameras

The number of installations of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems for public safety has dramatically increased over the last few years, as it has proved to be a leading edge technology in the fight against crime.

The ANPR system is simple in principle in that it captures all vehicle data at a given time and date, such as registration numbers, details of the vehicle make, model, year, colour etc, together with overview images of vehicles and occupants. This information is then fed into a database which analyses the information and carries out transaction based on predetermined actions, i.e in the case of a Police linked system the vehicle can be checked for Tax, MOT, Insurance, whether the vehicle or its occupants are "wanted" etc and take appropriate action.

Not only national Police and Security forces across the UK and globe utilising this technology, but as it has now become more affordable organisations large and small are now realising the real benefits of employing this type of technology.

Organisations can now employ this technology to verify vehicles entering a premises and allow or disallow access or only allow access to certain areas of a facility. The system also be personalised to allow corporate visitors feel welcome; a client visits a suppliers premises the clients vehicle registration number can be entered into the system prior to them attending site, once the client arrives at the facilities gatehouse the ANPR system reads the vehicle registration number and a display shows "Welcome Mr Johnson, please park in bay 12".. etc or whatever message you wanted to display.

ANPR systems can easily be integrated into existing public space CCTV systems and provides a cost effective method of deploying ANPR technology. Additional use can be derived from existing infrastructure that is already in place, thus realising an immediate cost saving.

Existing CCTV systems can switch between crime and disorder systems and ANPR systems by the use of built-in technology and 'preset' controls within the CCTV system, therefore hot spots can be created to target specific areas of a city centre, for example a busy carriageway to check for stolen vehicles or vehicles without tax or insurance etc.

The ANPR system will provide automatic visual and audible alarms when a captured vehicle registration number matches that on the systems databases. All activities are recorded to include the vehicle registration number, an overview of the vehicle together with any tagged information appertaining to that vehicle. The system database can be searched post event to locate certain movements of vehicles at certain times, as long as the vehicle has been captured the images and relevant information will be stored within the database.

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CCTV Integrated Systems

CCTV Camera Systems & Digital CCTV IP Technology

EDS are able to integrate any number of systems into one homogenous system, utilising our in-house skills and experience we are able to combine many many different system on non-standard formats into one user friendly front end.

Integration be a simple interfacing of two disparate system such as a CCTV system and an Access Control system to provide a linked system where images are flagged up when a user presents their card at an Access Controlled door, or a fully integrated system utilising a Building Management System (BMS) to operate lifts, lighting, heating, security systems all from one control or command point. The location is irrelevant as the operator can be connected to the building by means of external networks, operating as if he were on site.

Metal Mickey Dome Camera

Metal Mickey CCTV Camera Systems

The Metal Mickey Dome Camera is one of the toughest fully functional Dome Cameras available, machined from aluminium and is 6mm thick, making it resistant to impact from stones, bricks, air gun pellets and even shotguns.

The unit incorporates integral pan and tilt motor drive units. As an optional extra the unit can be supplied with a ballistic grade glass viewing window. Available in stainless steel and can work by being totally submersed in water it meets the requirements for installation in marine and other extreme environments.

The Metal Mickey Dome Camera is a combined Colour/Monochrome unit. This product can be switched from High-Resolution colour to Low Light Monochrome enabling users to have the best of both; Colour during the day and Low Light Monochrome at night. With an 18:1 zoom lens the Camera can give facial and number plate recognition at up to 88.2m (without digital zoom).

These Vandal Resistant Cameras can move at 90 degrees per second and offer 360 degrees continuous rotation. Each Camera has at least 64 presets enabling automatic (32 steps) programming. The controller joystick has a variable speed control and user friendly zoom facility, with automatically tours and pre-set positions, with one Metal Mickey Dome Camera often replacing a number of static Cameras for external surveillance.

An operator can take control of the Dome camera to zoom into an area which needs closer inspection, with pre-programmed/blanked out privacy zones (as an optional extra) being hidden from view, especially useful when surveillance needs to cover private or highly secure areas.

Covert CCTV Camera Hire

Covert CCTV Camera Hire

Employee and staff collaboration is a major factor affecting organisations. EDS has many years experience in providing covert CCTV systems giving the client the evidential information he needs to act upon, with excellent results.

EDS have extensive knowledge in the way the criminals operate in carrying out fraudulent activities, from monitoring the on-site antics of security personnel to the monitoring of ?teams? of staff collaborating together to defraud a company - Read an example Covert Case Study file.

Covert CCTV provides an unbiased view of the events as they occur and is operational 24Hrs a day, every day. Covert CCTV can be used in such areas as; health & safety breaches, employment legislation, staff thefts & stock shortages, missing funds, abuse of company materials, equipment, plant or services without authority, loss of earnings, missing plant or equipment, company data or information being sold to competitors.

This service is totally covert and confidentiality is guaranteed even down to paperwork. We attend site and carry out a discrete survey, out of hours if required, our engineers arrive in plain vehicles and install the equipment totally discretely and leave the area exactly as we found it vacuuming up and replacing everything in the exact same place so as not to arouse suspicion, all at a convenient time to fit in with the normal working environment.

Once a covert CCTV system is deployed to monitor an area, the results are normally instant, catching the culprits red handed and giving you the valuable unbiased information you need, which can be used in a Court of Law.

The systems can be wired, wireless, local or remote sites, we can alternatively provide links to our monitoring centre to view live monitoring of real time events as they happen.

Short Term CCTV Camera Hire Facility

We are able to offer a Short Term Hire Facility, providing any amount of equipment to cover all eventualities, to provide coverage to a plant yard for a weekend, provide a multi-camera installation for functions and events to monitor crowd safety and security, covert installations, staff and employee monitoring.

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CCTV Camera Systems & Digital CCTV IP Technology

Existing Systems

EDS can maintain any type of existing system, providing on-site and workshop repairs to any make of systems. With a large stockholding of spare parts we can turn around repairs rapidly.

Secure Monitoring Centre

Why not consider linking your system to our Secure Monitoring Centre to monitor your site 24hrs a day.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is fundamental to ensure your systems operate as effectively as when they were first installed, we are able to provide competitive quotation for maintenance of new and any type of existing system.

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