EAS Electronic Article Surveillance Product Tagging

EAS Electronic Article Surveillance Tagging

Shoplifting poses an ever-increasing threat to retailers, up to 20% of your total profit could be being lost through shoplifting, the control of shoplifting & deterrence can have a direct effect on your bottom line, making the difference between success & failure.

One of the most effective means of controlling shoplifting has been the use of security tagging systems, also known as electronic article surveillance (EAS), the best of these systems can dramatically reduce shoplifting levels, acting as a powerful deterrent to casual theft whilst also frustrating the professional shoplifter.  

  • Designed for City Centres Environments
  • No Damage to Products
  • Easy to Attach to Products
  • Virtually Zero False Alarms
  • High Detection Rates
  • Display More Stock Freely

EAS Electronic Article Surveillance Tagging

As well as reducing theft, system can have a positive effect on sales, increasing bottom line, reducing the sales price, due to increased sales as less stock is being stolen.

Open merchandising is proved to increase sales in areas where goods are more easily accessible to be handled and touched, it increases impulse buying, therefore being able to display more stock freely as opposed to locking them away. EDS have a range of labels, tags & attachments to provide adequate protection for your products, and a range of detection methods for a range of exits.

Maximum customer throughput is maintained at the checkouts due to increased de-activation times of tags, without damage to products. The robust security design of the high impact plastic body or the hi-tac adhesion of the labels makes it virtually impossible to be removed without damaging the products, therefore making the theft of the item pointless.

EAS Detection Barriers Systems

EAS Electronic Article Surveillance Tagging

Detection systems employed are designed to be integrated into your environment with virtually no false alarms, no tag or label shielding is required, put simply they "just work".

EDS tagging systems are easily integrated into the normal surrounding of an existing operation, without detracting from service given to genuine customers. Designed to work in high traffic areas of city centres.

The EDS range of systems are software driven, that constantly check the environment and self adjust to optimize performance. Larger detection ranges of up to 3.0mtrs are available.

EAS Range of Tags

EAS Electronic Article Surveillance Tagging

These tags are ideal for apparel and contain alarming circuits. They are extremely reliable yet economically priced and can be used in conjunction with any RF system in the market.

Fashion Tags

These tags have a built-in pin and contain an alarming element. They are also available with or without ink protection.

Pencil Tags

These hard tags have a very high pick rate and are extremely difficult to defeat. They are made of strong scratch- and tamper-resistant material.

Eye Glass Tags

This alarming double pin eyeglass tag securely activates exit gates if merchandise is illicitly removed and is unobtrusive, allowing customers to try on glasses freely.

Bottle Tags

These tags offer reliable protection for high end alcohol bottles, providing visual deterrence, benefit denial and alarm activation at the exit.

Ink Tags

Non-Alarming Benefit Denial Ink Tags. These security tags have ink chambers which release marking dye when forcefully removed. They have in-built pins and can be used with any of the hard tags in the product range.

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EAS Electronic Article Surveillance Tagging

Existing Systems

EDS can maintain any type of existing system, providing on-site and workshop repairs to any make of systems. With a large stockholding of spare parts we can turn around repairs rapidly.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is fundamental to ensure your systems operate as effectively as when they were first installed, we are able to provide competitive quotation for maintenance of new and any type of existing system.

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