Traffic Light Systems

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Traffic Light Systems

The most common traffic lights consist of a set of three lights: red, yellow (officially amber), and green. When illuminated, the red light indicates for vehicles facing the light to stop; the amber indicates caution, either because lights are about to turn green or because lights are about to turn red; and the green light to proceed, if it is safe to do so. View a selection of our designs Here: EDSUK_Traffic_Lights_TMS_Pedestrian_Crossing.pdf

There are many variations in the use and legislation of traffic lights, depending on the customs of a country and the special needs of a particular intersection. There may, for example, be special lights for pedestrians, bicycles, buses, trams, etc; light sequences may differ; and there may be special rules, or sets of lights, for traffic turning in a particular direction. Complex intersections may use any combination of these. EDS are highways traffic light suppliers.

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LED Traffic Light Systems

LED Traffic Light Systems low energy high light output with multiple sizes, designs and type.

Custom made signs, directional indicators and control systems available, along with associated control systems and technology which is constantly evolving with the aims of improving reliability, visibility, and efficiency of traffic flow.

Traffic lights, also known as traffic signals, stop lights, traffic lamps, stop-and-go lights, robots or semaphore, are signaling devices positioned at road or junction intersections, pedestrian crossings, and other locations to control competing flows of traffic.

Traffic lights have been installed in most cities around the world to control the flow of traffic. They assign the right of way to road users by the use of lights in standard colours (Red - Amber - Green), using a universal colour code (and a precise sequence, for those who are colour blind). They are used at busy intersections to more evenly apportion delay to the various users.  

  • LED Low Energy
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Wall Mounted
  • High Light Output
  • Internal or External
  • Quality Units
  • Highways traffic lights suppliers

Large Scale Traffic Signals and Traffic Light Systems

London Luton Airport - Renewable energy powered Signal System

EDS have a wide range of experience in traffic signal systems. Read more in our traffic Management and case studies sections, we have delivered large and small scale systems to organisations such as London Luton Airport, Bentley Motors, National Express and FCC.

EDSUKTL300 Large Format LED Traffic Lights

Bentley Motor Company Traffic Lights/Management system on test

Many of our Traffic Light Systems incorporate bespoke products. However the above image is of our increasingly popular EDSUKTL300 series of LED traffic lights. The EDSUKTL300 are a relatively large format, bright, capable all round, Traffic Signals. These are increasingly in demand, primarily due to their excellent MTBF (mean time before failure) and response characteristic, for programming and control.

LED Traffic Lights & Traffic Signals

Traffic Light Systems

LED Traffic Lights Traffic Signals

Cost-effective LED traffic light lamps using light-emitting diodes as an alternative to incandescent or halogen light bulbs. Unlike the incandescent-based lamps, which use a single large bulb, the LED-based lamps consist of an array of LED elements, arranged in various patterns. When viewed from a distance, the array appears as a continuous light source.

LED-based lamps (or 'lenses') have numerous advantages over incandescent lamps; among them are:
Much greater energy efficiency (can be solar-powered).
Much longer lifetime between replacement, measured in years rather than months. Part of the longer lifetime is due to the fact that some light is still displayed even if some of the LEDs in the array are dead.
Brighter illumination with better contrast against direct sunlight, also called 'phantom light'.
The ability to display multiple colours and patterns from the same lamp. Individual LED elements can be enabled or disabled, and different colour LEDs can be mixed in the same lamp.
Much faster switching.
Instead of sudden burn-out like incandescent-based lights, LEDs start to gradually dim when they wear out, warning transportation maintenance departments well in advance as to when to change the light.

LED Level Crossing Wig Wag Traffic Light Systems

LED Level Crossing Wig Wag Traffic Light Systems

LED Level Crossing Wig Wag Traffic Lights are generally used at level railway level crossing and emergency services stations to stop traffic. They can just as easily be incorporated into a Traffic Management System to control your facility or site. More noticeable than simple traffic lights.

LED Level Crossing 'Wig-Wag' Lights

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LED Traffic Light Module

LED Traffic Light Module

The LED Traffic Light Module is a universal module that can be built-into other manufacturers control systems, panel, doors, cabinets etc with various different face plates, such as the Stainless Steel Traffic Light face plate, clear plastic, opaque or just LED finish.

Each module is custom made to a order, please contact us for more details.

Stacked LED Traffic Light & Sounder

Stacked LED Traffic Light & Sounder

The EDSUK Stacked LED Traffic Light & Sounder, is an external or internal LED Traffic Light and Sounder System, that can be customised to suit most environments as follows:

Two Lens (with any colour).

Three Lens (with any colour).

With or without the sounder.

Internal or externally rated.

Vertically or Horizontal Mounted.

LED's Can be static (i.e. fixed) or flashing.

Please ensure you specifiy configuration, prior to ordering.

Height of Stack 195mm

Width 90mm

Depth off Wall 50mm

Traffic Light Traffic Management Column

Traffic Light Traffic Management Column

The Traffic Light Traffic Management Column is a bespoke column that can be used for integrated traffic management systems and is custom designed to order.

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Walking Man Traffic Lights

Walking Man Traffic Lights

The Walking Man Traffic Light is an LED based Walk Dont Walk indicator for pedestrian flow at traffic management stations.

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Traffic Light Systems

Warehouse Traffic Light Systems

Loading Bay Traffic Light Systems

Parking Bay Traffic Light Systems

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