Automatic Rising Fence Traffic Barrier

Automatic Rising Fence Traffic Barrier

EDSUK automatic rising fence traffic barriers are available in boom arm lengths from 1 metre right up to a full 12 metre road width. Doubles can be installed to accommodate wider road width. High speed barriers and other specials are available.

In the event of a power failure, the barrier can still be released by hand using the manual key override system.

The EDSUK rising fence traffic barrier is a unique extra large barrier with a compact footprint that effectively prevents both vehicles and pedestrians from unauthorised access. Our rising fence traffic barriers are significantly faster than sliding gate barrier systems and have the smallest footprint for a moving fence barrier in the industry.

They are excellent for use in cold climates. These rising gates do not slide, so mud and snow are not factors. They are designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions, and are ideal for C-TPAT Perimeter Control and ISPS Standard.

  • Automatic Rising Fence Traffic Barrier
  • Highly Secure Fenceline Protection
Installation of an automatic rising fence traffic barrier across a road
Control Systems Sprung System Integration

Automatic Rising Fence Traffic Barrier

State of the art control system with safety built in. EDS barrier systems incorporate inductive loops for safety and barrier operation.

Inductive ground loops are located within the road surface and are connected to the control system’s safety circuits, preventing the barrier arm from lowering when a vehicle is present. Should a vehicle pass under the barrier arm when the barrier is in the closing cycle, the arm will stop and return to the fully open position. Once the vehicle has passed, the arm lowers into the closed position. Ground loops can also be used to immediately close the barrier to prevent it from being open for too long and allowing others to tailgate in or out of the secure area.

The state of the art control system monitors for precise location and has numerous advanced safety features built-in. The control system ensures the barrier operates at optimum levels and rises and lowers with smooth operation.

Installation of an automatic rising fence traffic barrier across a road

Automatic Rising Fence Traffic Barrier

A built in spring mechanism provides a precise counter balance for the barrier boom. The springs are factory set to correspond with the boom length prior to installation, and can be easily reset in situ during assembly, for example if the barrier boom is shortened or if signs are attached to the boom. The springs permit the barrier short opening and closing times without the barrier boom bouncing in the end positions.

Automatic rising fence barrier controlling access to a private car park

Automatic Rising Fence Traffic Barrier

The barrier system can be linked to any number of remote systems to control its operations, such as:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, where a vehicle’s registration plate is taken and checked against a database. Once verified the barrier arm raises to allow access.

Where a tag is attached to specific vehicles, allowing access to authorised vehicles only.

Any number of hand held radio remote controls can be linked to the system.

Proximity card, photo ID, biometric iris or fingerprint reading technologies can be incorporated into the system.

Standard issue tokens or high security tokens can be incorporated into the system.

An emergency backup lowering facility is operational during any power failure and is fitted as standard, ensuring that the barrier can be raised in the event of a power failure. Alternatively a UPS power system can be installed to keep the unit operational.

Traffic barrier system integration devices and accessories

Automatic Rising Fence Traffic Barrier – Video In Action

This video shows the slick and smooth operation of our automatic rising fence traffic barrier. The inductive ground loop detects the presence of the vehicle, preventing the lowering of the barrier until after it has passed fully underneath.

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EDS can maintain any type of existing system, providing on-site and workshop repairs to any make of systems. With a large stockholding of spare parts we can turn around repairs rapidly.

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Regular maintenance is fundamental to ensure your systems operate as effectively as when they were first installed. We are able to provide competitive quotation for maintenance of new and any type of existing system.

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