Ladbrook Park Golf Club

Ladbrook Park Golf Club

Ladbrook Park Golf Club employed EDS to design a grand entrance which would reflect the club’s image as a quality establishment within the golfing world.

Along with the design of the gates, walls and railings was the installation of an integrated access control system, CCTV camera system and wireless intercom communications network.

• Designed from Customer Brief
• Landscaping of Finished Article
• Access Control Systems
• Complete Project Management
• Automated Sliding Gate
• CCTV Camera Systems

Photo of entrance to Ladbrook Park Golf Club
Photo of entrance to Ladbrook Park Golf Club

Double Ornate Split Arched Gates with a Central Island

From the initial meeting with the client, we were able to identify the exact needs of the club and prepare a detailed specification along with proposed drawing and representations. These were presented to the committe in a clear and concise manner, allowing the stakeholders to clearly visualise the finished product.

The club chose a twin set of double ornate split arched gates with a central island, brick sculptured walls and pillars finished off with matching perimeter railings. The central island and brick pillars incorporate the access control system readers, intercom and keypads, allowing members to simply present their tag to gain access through the gates.

The finest detail was agreed prior to completion of the project, such as sourcing and specifying the bricks used in the final construction of the walls and pillars and the colour of the mortar, along with the appropriate levels of landscaping to complete the job sympathetically.

A quick turn around was required and work was planned to give minimal disruption to the normal operation of the club. EDS provided a full traffic management system, along with full risk assessments and health & safety planning for the club and over 1000 members and visiting members, all of whom required full access, along with large delivery vehicles throughout the project.

The logistics of the project required a new underground ducting systems and inspection ducts to be laid from the main clubhouse building to either side of the proposed gated entrance, to allow for the cabling infrastructure and for future installation work.

A dedicated fuseboard and cabling was installed for the system, taken directly from the main incoming electrical supply in order to provide adequate power supply for the system and that of future lighting and expansion plans the club have.

The installation was finished by re-surfacing the drive with tarmac and installing the Ladbrook Park name plaque to both sides of the wall.

Access Control & Intercom System

A fully integrated access control system was installed to cater for over 1000 members, each of whom were issued a unique fob, which links to their membership renewals. The accounts department is able to isolate a member who fails to renew their membership or who is barred from the club, providing the club with complete control of the system.
The access control system extends to the clubhouse building where several doors are electronically controlled to limit access to members, non-members, management and operational staff, all with time and date recording.

A PC controlled digital intercom system is installed adjacent to the entrance gates and is linked to a networked computer and telephone system, which in turn is connected to portable handsets installed at three different locations within the club grounds. This allows deliveries or visitors to communicate from the gates to the main office, the golf pro-shop or the bar area.

Once the visitor is verified, a member of staff enters a secure code into the telephone handset and opens the gates remotely, allowing the visitor to enter.

A huge benefit to the club is being able to control access wherever they are within the club grounds. This could also be carried out remotely from another location with the telephone being placed on divert to any telephone or mobile phone. This allows total control, something which the clubs is very happy to have.

Photo of entrance to Ladbrook Park Golf Club
Advanced CCTV camera at Ladbrook PArk Golf Club

Digital CCTV System

A Digital CCTV system was installed to the allow staff to view the entire grounds or entrances of the club from any of the 3 remote locations within the clubhouse.

The digital video recorder has the capabilities to record and store up to one month’s footage. Expansion has been allowed within the systems as the club will be expanding the system to cover additonal areas of the club shortly.

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