Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

EDS has a range of access control systems and solutions to protect your people, premises and environment. We can give you full control over your facilities. In today’s society, ensuring your building is secure and tracking who enters, when, and where they go is paramount.

Our systems are tailored to the individual needs of our clients’ organisations. We carry out a full site survey to identify what solution would best fit your application, then design a system to suit your needs today and for the foreseeable future, allowing for expansion of the systems as your business grows.

Whether you need a simple access control system for a front door, or to control the movement of people over your nationwide facilities, EDS can provide the ideal access control system for you.

From 1 to 30,000 doors, from 1 to 1,000,000 employees in different offices in different countries, we have the facilities and technical excellence to pull it all together. Our access control systems can be managed from either a single or multiple points, according to your specifications.

• Simple Audio & Video Entry Systems
• Secure, Monitor & Control your Site
• From 1 To 1,000,000 Employees
• Protect Your Environment
• Time & Attendance – Clock Systems
• Full Audit Trails of All Movements

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Photo of person using an RFID fob to gain access to a room
Photo of person using keypad to gain access through a door

Paxton Access Control Approved Installer

EDS are the UK’s leading installer of Paxton access control systems, with manufacturer trained engineers to supply, install, maintain and repair.

Our access control systems can be linked to a network for maximum control of the system. This allows you to control and limit access for groups of staff, and can help track and identify the whereabouts of persons within your organisation. With our system, you can lock out unauthorised people at the touch of a button, or grant others more or less access into certain parts of the building, issuing and programming users into the system. This gives you full control over your facilities and ensures that your premises stays secure 24 hours a day, every day.

By design we are able to limit the flow of people and information into such areas as IT and Accounts departments, Research & Development areas or secure stores through the clever use of technology.

Modular PC Based Swipe Card Readers Intercom Systems Keypad Entry Automatic Door Openers Door Hardware Mechanical Door Locks

Modular Based Access Control System

The EDS range of access control systems is modular and offers a wide variety of controllers and card technologies using distributed intelligence. It combines ease of use with high security access control. Controllers can operate in either a stand alone mode or be combined to form a complete system controlled by local or remote PC networks and websites.

Controllers used in a stand alone mode are easy to program by either a set of programmable codes, tags, cards or by way of an integral keypad plus PIN code mode to further enhance the security of the system, with capacity up to 1,000,000 cards or tags.

Access to the programming mode is restricted by either a password or by the use of a master user or manager card created at the time of installation.

Various high security features are available depending on the systems chosen, such as time zones, access levels, access users, site authorisation, escort and supervisor mode to further enhance security and to safeguard against abuse.

To add an extra level of security all controllers are provided with inputs to monitor door position and anti tamper switches. Some controllers have output relays to activate on programmed alarm conditions such as door left open, door forced or invalid card status.

Person using an RFID card to enter a building

PC Based Access Control Badging & ID Cards & Software

Close-up image of a keyboard with "ID Card" button

Our PC-based access control system management software is the ultimate in user friendly access control software, combining access control, point monitoring, card status, door usage and monitoring, combined with a photo ID database into one easy to use package.

The management software can be used to control a single site or remote sites via telephone, fibre optic, or direct link.

The system allows you to restrict access to valuable assets and information to those who need it at the appropriate times, which can include restrictions at certain times, use of an identification card, or use of a personal identification number (PIN) with cards to verify that the person using a card is the person authorised to use it.

Where risk management requires limiting movement into areas where hazards or hazardous materials exist, then access can be restricted to two people at one time, or two people where one person is a designated escort.

Reporting who went where and when provides the deterrent needed for effective loss prevention. Automatic reports can help flag suspicious activity or events. Manual reports can then be used to investigate or monitor activity to resolve these incidents. The ability to generate reports based on criteria you define makes this package ideal for multiple tenants or departments requiring separate reporting.

The monitoring capability of the management sofware lets you respond to exceptional events. When a prioritised event alarm is received, operators can have access to both a map to locate the event and specific instructions on how to respond to it. There is even the ability to command changes right from the system manager without physically going anywhere.

Receptionist creating a custom ID card with lanyard

Designed to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to produce high quality photo IDs, the system can be directly linked to a on-site printer to allow you to simply take digital photographs of your people, load them into a PC and use the on-board software to create full colour ID cards with your organisations name, address and a picture of the user together with all the user ID information such as name, serial number, expiry date. You customise the ID card to your requirements with very simply onboard image tools.

The package includes software, digital camera with tripod and backdrop. It is easy to issue full-colour photo IDs to employees, members, students, patients or customers using the simple windows based software. Simply point and click to design a card and capture a photo.

The software is compatible with Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant databases. That means you can incorporate cardholder information from an existing database to improve accuracy, as well as saving time and money.

The printer outputs full colour IDs with your choice of photos, text, logos, bar codes, encoded magnetic stripe, all in a fast, single pass operation. The printing allows for high end quality printing to accurately reproduce your corporate design.

The printer is designed to be simple for the user, from plug-and-play installation to point-and-click software. The ribbon and printhead are easily replaced.

Alternatively, we are able to offer a full bureau service, where we attend your site or sites take all the necessary photographs of the users, together with their personal details and produce the ID cards for you.

Swipe Cards & Proximity Readers, Keypads, Biometric Readers

A large selection of readers and reading technology is available, from simple keypad systems through to card only, keypad and card, biometric readers, depending upon your requirements.

The readers are unobtrusive, slimline and constructed from either rugged, weatherised polycarbonate, aluminium, stainless steel or chrome enclosures designed to withstand harsh environments as well as provide a high degree of vandal resistance.

Presenting the tag or card within range of the reader is all that is required to allow access, assuming the appropriate permissions have been assigned.

A selection of vehicle mounted tags are available to allow access to only certain vehicles, in addition to ANPR technology where the vehicle registration number plate is read then allowed or denied access.

The access cards are thin and durable, approximately the size of a standard credit card. In addition proximity keyfobs and tags are available, small enough to carry on a key ring for ease of use. The read range is dependent on the type of card and reader.

Photo ID can be incorporated into the cards providing an access card and an ID card.

Single or multiple PIN code keypads can be incorporated into the system, with a master PIN enables the holder to change the users PIN whenever required.

Additional security can be provided by remote alarm facilities such as a duress PIN code that can be used by an authorised person being forced to allow access to an intruder, for example. The keypad has a built-in bell push which can operate a door bell, to simply alert people within the building that a caller is present at the door.

Person using an RFID tag to gain entry to a secure room

Audio & Video Intercoms

A wide range of high quality audio and video intercom systems are available, from a single one-to-one station to multi-block apartments and flats with full colour video intercom technology. We can also provide the facility to remotely unlock a door or set of doors, gates, or roller shutters in the case of an underground carpark.

Additional features are available to allow the system to be connected to a modular telephone system that will allow certain handsets to ring within the premises when the external station button is pressed, allowing two way speech between the two locations. Once the visitor is verified a door or gate can be remotely unlocked or opened by pressing a code on the telephone handset. The feature is ideal in situations where there is no receptionist.

A further feature can be added to the system, allowing the caller at your front door to contact you wherever you are on the globe and have a conversation via the intercom system. Once the visitor is verified a door or gate can be remotely unlocked or opened by pressing a code on the telephone handset.

An intercom based door entry system can cost as little as a few hundred pounds.

Person using a video intercom

Keypad Entry & Wireless Intercom Systems

Stand alone keypads can be integrated into existing systems to provide a higher level of security to your front door, gate or turnstile. We have several types of keypads available, from the entry level moulded case to a vandal resistant aluminium or stainless steel version.

Our systems support single or multiple codes, allowing you to issue several codes to many users and rotate the codes on a frequent basis to ensure code integrity.

We have installed many stand alone keypad systems to residential houses, schools and small businesses, providing simple, cost effective security and giving years of reliable serivce.

We have a range of wireless intercom systems using a variety of different transmission protocols, from standard radio frequency through to GSM or mobile phone technology to create the wireless link.

The most recent innovative technology is the use of a GSM mobile phone solution, in which the Intercom unit replicates the functionality of a mobile telephone, enabling a completely wireless installation for either your door or gate entry system. When your visitor arrives they push the button on the door phone, which then in turn dials a pre-programmed number silently, for instance your home telephone number. You can then answer the call as normal, vet the visitor and then type in your unique unlock code via your telephone keypad to let them in. If you are unavailable then a second number can be called, and wherever you are in the world you could let your visitor in if desired.

This technology achieves two significant benefits. Firstly, the cost of implementation against a traditional wireless or hardwired system is drastically reduced as there are no long cables to lay in a driveway or to install to each apartment. Secondly, ongoing maintenance is easy as you can dial back into the unit to either reprogram a button or change a code.

Woman using a wall mounted keypad entry system

Automatic Door Openers DDA Disabled Compliant

Automatic door openers can be installed in virtually any environment, either as a new installation or retrofitted to existing doors and are suitable for use on high traffic exterior or interior doors.

The automatic door openers are usually mounted above the door and operate in a similar way to that of a self closer, in that the door and frame are connected through a articulated arm. In the case of the automatic door opener a motor, controller and sensor and/or reading technology is employed to electronically operate the door.

A simple push button can be installed on either side of the doorway, in its simplest form mounted on a post or wall providing enough access for the user to operate the button and enter through the doorway.

Alternative technology can be incorporated such as movement sensors to detect the person walking towards the door. The opener can also be integrated into an access control system allowing only certain authorised users through the door. Either option provides effective hands-free access control without compromising on security.

Not only are the system fully compliant with the current DDA regulations, but they make life easier for pushchair users, staff carrying objects or moving stock from one part of a building to another.

The door openers offers a comprehensive set of programming parameters, providing adjustable functions including: opening and closing speed, force and angle, opening times for each activator, integral safety feature – the door will stop if an obstacle is detected and will reopen if required, closing sequence i.e. interlocks, etc.

The opening and closing functions are motor driven, with a mechanical override and in-built protection against overload.

Photo of range of disabled "Press to open" buttons

Door Hardware – Lock Releases, Maglocks, Exits Buttons, Safety Break Glass

We have a range of locks to electronic locks, door holders and releases to suit any opening.

From sleek built-in shear locks and maglocks to surface mounted electric strike locks and heavy duty maglocks, all our locks are designed for the application in mind. Whether it’s simply securing a front entrance door or providng heavy duty airlock double doors for a high security environment, we have a product to suit your needs.

We can link the access control system into intruder and fire alarm systems, automatic gates, barriers and bollards, CCTV systems, plant and equipment. This further enhances the control over your premises, providing a controlled environment through predefined parameters that you control.

Magnetic door release unit

Mechanical Door Locks

We supply a range of stand alone mechanical door and gate locks that need no power or batteries to operate and are ideal for increasing the overall secuirity of a simple lock and key situation.

There are several styles available, including a coded keypad either side of the door, coded keypad on one side and a thumb turn or key cylinder on the other.

Heavy duty versions are available for high traffic use, which have precision engineered cylinders and keyways to prevent snagging.

The locks can usually be installed in place of regular locks with only minor door modification and are great for people who don’t like to use keys!

Generally the entry level locks only have one code. Models are available with multiple codes, together with swipe cards with smart card technology and biometric readers built-in to the door handle itself, similar to the type used in hotels and leisure complex.

Mechanical combination door lock

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

EDS can maintain any type of existing system, providing on-site and workshop repairs to any make of systems. With a large stockholding of spare parts we can turn around repairs rapidly.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is fundamental to ensure your systems operate as effectively as when they were first installed, we are able to provide competitive quotation for maintenance of new and any type of existing system.

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