Supporting the Distribution sector blog

How EDS supports the distribution sector

Distribution is a vital industry that keeps pretty much all other sectors alive. Distribution and transport teams quietly supply private and public sector businesses up and down the country. Without the distribution industry, the UK would come to a grinding halt. To follow the efficiency, productivity and security required for the movement of goods, it’s important that facilities have everything they need. EDS have compiled some of the key technology features for the distribution sector. Read on to discover the key technologies that we supply to the distribution sector. If you’d like to know more about our products or speak … Read more

Why you need an automatic gate

5 reasons why your business needs an automatic gate

There’s something impressive about driving onto a business premises that has an automatic gate. They are secure and efficient, and add a new layer of privacy from street view. There are many kinds available, but almost all modern designs give you customisable options to fit with your entry solution. Automatic gates provide an advantage over other types of commercial gates. This makes them a great choice for businesses looking to improve their access features. Have a read of the 5 key benefits of adding an automatic gate to your commercial premises. A convenient solution for you and your team If … Read more

Buy british blog

Why it’s better to buy British

It’s always good to know who you’re buying from. In recent years we have seen a multitude of overseas companies setting up offices in the UK and being labelled as British manufacturing companies. These companies provide products often built and sourced from overseas. There is, of course, no problem with this. EDS products are built and sourced from facilities in the UK. We appreciate the value of sourcing high-quality materials and putting money back into the UK economy by trading with our valued partners. Buying from EDS is buying from the UK. There are several reasons why we encourage buyers … Read more

Turnstiles for the events and leisure sector

Larger venues and events sectors face the challenges of having a lot of people going in and out of their site entrances. For locations such as stadiums, gyms, festival entrances and other significant events sites, you’ll need rigorous systems that can keep crowds safe and integrate with relevant access control. Our range of turnstiles, available for purchase or hire are ideal for events and leisure sectors. The rotary motion allows the passengers to gain access in a single file, creating a safe passage for large crowds and minimising overcrowding. Read on for more information about: Football stadium safety Full-height turnstiles … Read more

Security blog

Our complete range of security systems

Crime can have a devastating effect on business. Whether it’s theft, property damage or something even more serious, the consequences are always costly. And unfortunately, it can happen to any business at any time. There’s never any guarantee that you can avoid being a victim of crime altogether. But you can make it less likely to happen to you, and reduce the impact if it does. As business leaders, we all have an obligation to protect our property and our teams. And here at EDS, helping you do that is our speciality. Here are some of the solutions we can … Read more

How to control city centre traffic

How to control city-centre traffic

Traffic management is a concern in every city in the world. Pollution and congestion create challenges that can severely affect city residents. Every city handles it differently. Many are banning cars from city centres all together, creating walkable cities that are better for business, tourism and health. We know that not all councils have the option to completely ban cars or HGVs from their city centres, or may not want to! This doesn’t mean that there aren’t traffic control measures available to support your residents. In fact, there are many available that allow you to improve safety, reduce congestion and … Read more

Threat blog

How entry and security solutions can protect your site from threat

Unfortunately, threats are an ever-present part of life, from vandalism to terrorism. Every organisation has to be vigilant. And if you are in a strategically important or high-profile sector or institution, it’s especially pressing. From transport hubs to government buildings and hospitals, there are certain sites where the risks are greater – as are the consequences if anything goes wrong. There’s no way of eliminating these threats altogether. But you can mitigate and minimise risk. You may be drafting a counter-terrorism plan, or perhaps you’re guarding against a local spike in property crime. Either way, how you control access to … Read more

Police blog

Gates and security services for the police

Police forces across the UK have to maintain incredibly high standards. Of course that goes for the service they provide for their communities. But it also goes for the products and services the police bring in to support their work. When it comes to provisioning these services, it’s important that forces turn to the experts. At EDS we want to be your first port of call, and here’s why. We’ve got years of experience working with the Metropolitan Police and smaller forces from around the UK. In this time, we’ve undertaken large scale security infrastructure upgrades, and more specialised bespoke … Read more

Heavy duty blog

Heavy duty barriers and gate

Some industries have requirements that go above and beyond the ordinary. From manufacturing and construction sector businesses working with heavy machinery, to logistics teams who are constantly on the move. These businesses need the right technology to match their unique work, and that’s where we can help. At EDS we support our clients by designing, installing and maintaining a range of bespoke, automatic gates and barriers. Our gates are designed according to your specifications and can also come equipped with matching railings and security services. In today’s blog we’ll take a closer look at how we design and supply gates … Read more