How EDS supports the Education sector

EDS value our education services and want to ensure that they have the best possible technology for their locations. We are a leading provider of access solutions and security technology, offering a portfolio of bespoke products that can be customised to fit your needs.

Our community is important to us, and we support both the private and public sectors within education. Here’s how we support our schools, colleges and universities.

On-premise solutions for schools and colleges

Our bespoke products are designed and built here in the UK. We are accredited by companies and organisations across the UK, as specialists in providing all kinds of robust entrances and exits, as well as electrical and security products. Here are some of our top products and services for the education sector.

Automatic gates for schools

We provide custom, purpose build automatic gates of all variations for education entrances and exits to car parks and walkways. These can be seamlessly deployed into existing structures and integrated into access control systems and security systems. Choose from between a variety of sliding gates, swinging gates, telescopic gates and many more.

Access control for schools

Large education premises may likely need access control for staff and restricted zones for staff-only areas. We can deliver solutions that grant access to staff by way of key fobs, pin codes and intercoms where necessary. EDS can install fully integrated systems that connect to your on-site IT and CCTV systems, which can send alerts and updates to your schools’ governing bodies where necessary. 

CCTV for schools

On site security is of utmost importance for safeguarding young people. Education premises need reliable and high-functioning CCTV systems to provide the best security. Our bespoke CCTV systems can ensure that trespassers are caught on camera, even in the dark. See our full range of IP based CCTV cameras and security technology.

Railings and fencing for schools

We offer bespoke fencing of different aesthetics and heights, to keep perimeters safe and secure. These solutions are scalable, based on your premises size and can be tailored to any specification.

Turnstiles for schools

Control the people flow of your college or university using turnstiles and speed lanes. These are customisable and can be deployed to fit perfectly alongside your entrances and access control systems. They also offer a modern design aesthetic to larger buildings.

Electrical cables and infrastructure for schools

Building a new site or extension? We provide full electronic cabling infrastructure, complete with full hardware and lighting. We can scale your costs combined with all of the products you need for your new or existing build.

Our deployment process for the Education Sector

EDS understands that the education sector has unique needs, and that technology solutions must be tailored to meet those needs. That’s why EDS has developed a range of products and services specifically for educational institutions.

Our expert engineers and specially trained to work on projects whilst opening hours are still in flow. We’ll work closely with you team to ensure that all needs are met, and that projects are completed on time. We also provide repairs and routine inspections for our deployed products. We build partnerships, not just transactions!

All of our products are designed and built in the UK, and can be built to the specification of your education premises. We understand that in the state education sector, your budgets are often set and paramount for the success of any project. We’ll find you the solutions that makes sense.

Case Studies: Examples of EDS’s Work in the Education Sector

EDS has been a leading provider of end-to-end security solutions for the education sector, providing bespoke and innovative solutions to ensure education sites are safe and secure. See our case studies page for the full list of references.

At Tottenham’s ADA College London, EDS designed a tailored security solution that featured customised glass detailing and access control. We oversaw the entire project, from conception to execution, including on-site training and commissioning, to ensure that all of our client’s needs were met. EDS’s solution comprised bespoke glass integration, an automated pedestrian DDA gate, access control, and full-height turnstiles.

Derbyshire City Council Education Department selected EDS to provide a full CCTV camera system for Chellaston School, which we designed, supplied, and installed. The system included more than 35 cameras placed throughout the site, connected to a network-based DVR system that delivered high-quality images, resulting in convictions within days of going live. EDS’s solution featured networked CCTV, static and dome cameras, connected to the school WAN, and several terabytes of storage.

Shirestone Academy engaged EDS to implement multiple security solutions, including an automated sliding gate system, a pair of automatic swinging gates, over 100 meters of palisade fencing, a remote intercom system, and an integrated CCTV system to secure the perimeter of the school site and safeguard students. EDS’s solution consisted of an automated sliding gate, design and construction, intercom systems, automatic swinging gates, and CCTV systems.

Choose EDS for your school, college or university

EDS is committed to giving back to the community and supporting the education sector. We want the best technology for our schools, colleges and universities and will go the extra mile to ensure that your needs are met.

Through our tailored security solutions, EDS has supported the safety and protection of education premises and their local communities. The high-quality solutions have provided a sense of security for staff, students, and parents.

Get in touch with us today to speak to a member of the EDS team regarding your project. Head to our contact page.