ADA College London

ADA College London were interested in an end to end security solution including bespoke glass detailing and access control for their site in Tottenham. EDS designed, maufactured and installed a full solution, which accounted for all the customer’s requirements. The project involved managing a number of specialists and contractors, including delivery and on-site training and commissioning.

• Bespoke glass integration
• Automated Pedestrian DDA Gate
• Access Control
• Manufactured, Supplied and Installed
• Full Height Turnstiles

Photo of automatic glass speedgates at ADA College London
Full height glass turnstiles installed in QA Training's office

QA Training

When the training and education provider QA needed a bespoke solution for access control, they commissioned EDS to manufacture a solution based on our EDSUKTFHT9400 full height turnstiles. The work included a bespoke automated pedestrian door and support for access control systems integration.

• Access Control
• Automated Pedestrian Door
• Full Height Turnstiles
• Manufactured, Supplied and Installed
• Bespoke Integration

Shawhill School

Shawhill School commissioned EDS to supply and install a fully automated, remote controlled sliding gate on a sloped site.

EDS designed the construction, matching into the existing gates and fencing already on site. We manufactured, installed and handed over the gate in less than 6 weeks.

Photo of EDS van outside automatic sliding gate at Shawhill School
Photo of Chellaston School entrance

Chellaston School

EDS beat stiff competition to win the contract with Derbyshire City Council Education Department to design, supply and install a sophisticated CCTV Camera system comprising over 35 cameras around the site linked to a network-based DVR system.
The images were so good that convictions were made within days of the system going live.

• Networked CCTV
• Static & Dome Cameras
• Linked to the School WAN
• Terrabytes of Storage

Percy Shurmer School

Percy Shurmer School commissioned EDS to supply and install a fully automated remote controlled cantilever sliding gate on a sloped site, together with an intercom post for visitors to use.

EDS designed the construction to match the existing gates and fencing already on site. The gate was manufactured, installed and commissioned in-house by EDS.

Photo of automatic sliding gate with intercom post at Percy Shurmer School
Photo of EDS van outside automatic sliding gate at Shirestone Academy

Shirestone Academy

Shirestone Academy commissioned EDS to supply and install an automatic sliding gate system, an automatic pair of swinging gates, over 100 metres of pallisade fencing, remote intercom system and an integrated CCTV system to protect the perimeter of the school site and the pupils.

• Automatic Sliding Gate
• Design & Build
• Intercom Systems
• Automatic Swinging Gates
• CCTV Systems