Edgbaston Dental Centre

Edgbaston Dental Surgery

To design, supply and install a fully automated sliding gate, provide two way audio communications, construct the perimeter wall and providing specialist themed lighting to the car park grounds.
EDS were given the brief to design, construct, supply and install an automated sliding gate & railings together with the construction of a perimeter wall and pillars.

The sliding gate was to have two-way audio intercom between the gate and the main reception to allow clients to gain access out of normal hours, with a timer function to operate the gate automatically during normal surgery hours.

The client also had a blue themed lighting scheme within the building and wanted to replicate this scheme to the car park and grounds. EDS supplied and installed the grounds’ lighting to compliment the existing installation.

• Designed from Customer Brief
• Landscaping of Finished Article
• Perimeter Wall Construction
• Complete Project Management
• Automated Sliding Gate
• Themed Lighting Installation

Photo of EDSUK van in front of automatic sliding gate installed at Edgbaston Dental Surgery
Photo of automatic sliding gate installed at Edgbaston Dental Surgery

Attention To Detail

Our attention to detail goes beyond just finishing a job. We like to delight our customers. On this particular project the final landscaping of the grounds provided the final finishing touches.

EDS completed the project on time and on budget.

Themed Lighting Scheme

The existing themed lighting scheme within the surgery building was to be replicated within the grounds and car parking area to provide a blue concept throughout, reinforcing the health concept.

Our client was very specific in the actual detail of the final installation of the lighting scheme.

Tree illuminated in purple theme lighting.

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