Traffic Management Systems

Traffic Management Systems

EDS are able to design, supply and install virtually any type of traffic management system. We can integrate our traffic management systems into existing site wide systems for control of barriers, gates, roller shutters, security systems, lights and other automation systems. We are also able to provide custom designed simple or complex systems. These are configured by our own in-house engineers who will create and write custom software specific for your site. This software can interface with other systems locally or globally across your networks. Similarly if you need to interface any other system with one of our traffic management systems, we can also help.

Prior to installing a traffic management system, consideration should be given to the layout of your site, the current or anticipated traffic flows and the devices that require traffic management system control. EDS can provide assistance in the design stage to ensure your system is functional and operational.

EDS design many different traffic management systems where vehicles, trucks and plant interface with pedestrians. This could include vehicles crossing over a pedestrian footpath or entering or exiting a building that requires control.

These systems can be custom designed to your specific requirements. The traffic management system software written for your sites can be altered at any point in the future to suit changing needs.

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  • Traffic Management Systems
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One Way & Two Way Traffic Control lights

Our traffic management system allows two way traffic control through a single lane roadway, drive or access ramp. These are ideal for use in restricted sites, car parks, loading bays, coach bay, underground entrance and exits, or anywhere the other end of the controlled stretch of road cannot be seen by the driver.

The system can be operated through a myriad of devices. This includes vehicle presence detectors, vehicle tag detectors, swipe card & tag systems, keypads, radio fobs or simply a press button from a control room or via security staff. The system can be prioritised with incoming or outgoing traffic given the highest priority. The system can be linked to timer management systems to operate differently at certain times of the day.

Photo of traffic management sign with integrated traffic lights

Emergency Override System

The system can also be designed to incorporate an emergency override system, whereby in the event of an emergency situation like fire, evacuation or a gas leak, certain signals can be set. For example, the main gates could be set to open and allow all vehicles out and prevent others from gaining entry. The system can also be interfaced with gates, barriers and roller shutters to operate as required.

"Break glass" fire alarm

Weighbridge Traffic Management

EDS can interface a simple weighbridge control system into a set of traffic lights or full traffic management system to provide clear communications to drivers and weighbridge staff. The system can also count the number of vehicles entering and exiting the facility, providing a verifiable total count.

Truck using a weighbridge integrated with traffic lights

Directional Traffic Management

We are able to provide information systems to direct traffic to certain areas of a site. For example, at a refuse tipping station certain vehicles may need to be directed to particular tipping bays for recycling purposes. This can be done through our traffic management system’s control interface. This can simply be a set of push buttons or a graphical touch screen system, all linked to traffic lights, number lights and barriers where required.

Man using traffic light control system to direct traffic

Traffic Light Traffic Management Column

The traffic light traffic management column is a bespoke column that can be used for integrated traffic management systems and is custom designed to order.

Custom traffic light management column

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