Parking Systems

Photo of woman using pay on foot parking machine
Pay On Foot Parking
Revenue Systems

The EDS pay on foot system provides revenue and control over your parking facilities. The automated payment station is designed with functionality and user friendliness in mind. The EDS pay on foot pay station unit is capable of working independently or as part of a wider networked system. Various standard cards and tickets are accepted through the pay station’s single slot making transactions.

Our systems support customised tariffs and a wide range of payment methods (coins, bank notes, credit & debit cards) and allow secure and fast payment transactions. The system is capable of serving a single or multiple car parks all connected via independent networks.

• Pay On Foot Car Parking Systems
• Multiple Pay Stations
• Card Reader & Intercom Integration
• Coin Notes & Card Operated
• Self Managed
• PC Based or Stand Alone Systems

Photo of solar powered pay and display parking system
Pay & Display Car
Parking Systems

The EDS pay and display car parking systems are state of the art revenue machines, available in both mains powered or solar powered versions. Our pay and display parking systems are available as a coin only machine or with a number of alternative payment options.

Options include change issuing, bank note acceptor, basic credit/cebit card facility and chip & PIN credit/debit card facility. In order to accept credit/debit cards, the machines must be networked to a central management computer.

• Pay and Display Systems
• Debit & Credit Card Payment
• Coin Only or & Bank Notes
• Secure Pay & Display Machines
• Simply Car Park Revenue Systems
• Chip & Pin Acceptor

Photo of speed bump ramp
Traffic Speed Bump Ramps

Speed bump ramps, perhaps better known as “sleeping policemen”, are manufactured from heavy duty PVC sections which, are attached to the ground and provide a highly effective method of slowing a vehicle’s speed.

• Heavy Duty PVC Sections
• Early Visual Warning
• Black and Yellow Finish
• Two Height 50mm or 75mm

Photo of hydraulic tyre killer strip
Tyre Killer

EDSUK hydraulic tyre killers are designed especially for entrance points which have a threat of vehicle attack or where high security is required. If there is a threat of vehicle attack in addition to theneed to control vehicle access in high security applications, hydraulic tyre killers are one of the most secure systems. Even if an attack is from high tonnage vehicles at high speeds, it’s not possible for the vehicle to keep on moving because of the damage given to wheels and the rim of the vehicle.

• Can withstand 60 tonnes of axle load
• Prevent Unauthorised Access
• Control Cabinet IP 55 protection available
• PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Controlled

Photo of traffic flow plates
Traffic Flow Plates

Traffic flow plates are designed to allow one way flow of traffic. They are usually placed over an exit to allow vehicles to exit the area while preventing vehicles from entering as they are presented with a raised steel kerb which is virtually impossible to drive over.

Traffic flow plates are manufactured from heavy steel plate and formed with a built in spring action to automatically raise into position once driven over.

• Designed for One Way Traffic
• Prevent Unauthorised Access
• Long Life Steel Plate
• Automatically Raises Once Driven Over

Remote Control Solar Parking Bay Barrier

The solar powered remote control parking bay barrier is an excellent way to control individual or multiple parking bay. The solar parking bay barrier can be installed in any location and is charged by solar power. This means there are no holes to dig for foundations or electric wiring; the unit is simply bolted to the road surface.
EDS provide car park control automatic barriers, road barriers, rising barriers, boom barriers, car park barriers and electronic barriers.

Road Blockers

The rising kerb road blocker is the ultimate in preventing access into your site. It provides high security coupled with a very visible deterrent and can be installed in a variety of different applications for use in manned or unmanned sites.

The kerbs are robust and manufactured from thick welded galvanised steel sections, with a range of kerbs that can withstand the impact of a large truck been driven into it.

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