Pay & Display Car Parking Systems

Pay & Display Car Parking Revenue Systems

The EDS pay and display car parking systems are state of the art revenue machines. They are available in both mains powered or solar powered versions, and as a coin only machine or with a number of alternative payment options. Our pay and display systems feature a programmable logic controller (PLC) that can be simply programmed according to your custom requirements.

Options for the EDS pay and display systems include: change issuing, bank note acceptor, basic credit/debit card facility and chip & PIN credit/debit card facility. In order to accept credit/debit cards, the machines must be networked to a central management computer.

  • Pay and Display Systems
  • Debit & Credit Card Payment
  • Coin Only or & Bank Notes
  • Secure Pay & Display Machines
  • Simply Car Park Revenue Systems
  • Chip & Pin Acceptor

An optional feature is the anti-passback, enabling the user to enter their vehicle registration number which is then printed on the ticket. This prevents users passing tickets to other users. Two Part tear off receipts are also available as an option.

  • Compact structure resistant to vandalism and fraud Steel outer casing Double-walled cashbox.
  • Armour-plated safe (highly resistant to drilling attempts).
  • Separation of maintenance and collection access compartments Sealed, self contained and compact coin channel and selector.
  • Remote detection of physical attack with highly secure locking mechanisms for access to compartments.
  • Electronically locked main door (option) accessed by electronic card Electronic lock (option) for collection system with removable and replaceable cashbox.
Photo of solar powered pay and display ticket machine

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