Turnstiles and Speedlanes

Full height stadium turnstiles
Stadium Full & Half Height Turnstiles

EDS secure systems are the perfect protection for your facilities: football stadium, rugby stadium, cricket stadium or any other sporting ground. Our systems can be installed direct, or encased in a custom designed enclosure. Our turnstiles are often linked to access control systems, token systems, coin fee paid entry systems or any other external ticketing system.

Half height turnstiles
Half Height Turnstiles

The ideal solution where you need to control access through a specific entrance or exit. Our turnstiles can be linked to any access control system, token system, coin fee paid entry system or any other external operating device.

Full height turnstiles
Full Height Turnstiles

When you need to protect the perimeter of your facilities, EDS full height turnstiles are the ideal solution. Control access through a specific entrance or exit with our turnstiles. Our solutions can be linked to any access control system, token system, coin fee paid entry system or any other external operating device.

Glass Turnstiles
Speedgates Glass Turnstiles

The EDS speedgate glass leaf turnstile is the ultimate in preventing access into your site. It provides high security coupled with a very visible deterrent and can be installed in a variety of different applications for use in manned or unmanned sites. The speedgates are aesthetically pleasing and designed for be incorporated in any architecturally designed building.

Coin operated turnstiles
Coin Operated / Toilet Turnstiles

These turnstiles were developed from the need for Local Authorities & private companies to provide public conveniences to a good standard and generate revenue for the general day to day maintenance, cleaning and upkeep.

Paddle Gates
Paddle Gate & Flap Gate Turnstiles

These gates are the ideal solution when you need to control access through a specific entrance or exit and can be linked to any access control system; token system, coin fee paid entry system or any other external operating device.

Wide access turnstile gates
DDA Wide Access Turnstile Gates

These gates are available in either a single or double unit facing each other to allow for gaps of up to 2 metres. The motorised glass panels can open in either direction. The units can be activated by an access control system, a push button at the reception desk or guard station, or via an automatic access entry system.

Full height glass turnstiles
Glass Turnstiles & Glass Gates

Glass turnstiles and glass leaf side gates & doors come with state of the art anti-tailgating detection systems and are available with different height glass barriers to help balance the aesthetic and security requirements of most sites.

Three quarter height turnstile gates
3/4 Three Quarter Height Turnstile Gates

Three quarter height units provide more security and control over half height turnstiles and are less intrusive than full height models. As with our other turnstile systems we can offer integration and installation options to work within any environment.

Optical turnstile unit
Optical Turnstiles

This type of optical turnstile provides a far more attractive look than other turnstiles or speedgates as there are no protruding parts. Our turnstiles are constructed from stainless steel and are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards for long lasting and durable performance. Optical turnstiles are installed internally and are extremely easy to use and operate.

Glass barrier
Glass Barriers and Rails

EDS offer a range of glass items to compliment turnstile systems such as glass barrier rails and balustrading.

Stainless steel change machine
Change Machines

We offer a variety of change machines, generally to change higer value coins into lower value, for example changing £2, £1 or 50p coins into 10p pieces to insert directly into coin operated turnstiles. Whether it is wall mounted, floor standing or built into a machine, we provide a secure solution that you can rely on.

Glass man trap air lock gate
Man Trap Air Lock Cylinder Gate

The one person man trap airlock cylinder gate is a bidirectional cylindrical round sliding tube gate, constructed from stainless steel structure, with stainless steel or glass sliding doors.

Pair of portable half height turnstiles
Turnstile Hire

Instantly control access into any facility, be it a concert, show, building site, or a high security event. We can cater for small venues or large sites and have a large range of turnstiles for hire. Systems can be accompanied with DDA compliant wide access gates, pushchair gates or delivery gates. We can also offer a full access control integration service.

Pedestrian barrier gates in a supermarket
Pedestrian Barrier Gates

Manual pedestrian barrier, supermarket barrier, chrome supermarket gates, chrome barrier, push barrier, mechanical gates, paddle gates, wicket gates, checkout gates, shopping gates, chrome shopping gates, till gates.
Whatever name you use – they all mean the same thing – manually operated chrome barrier gates. The mechanical gate is an extremely effective and economic access control solution. The mechanical gate is reliable and practical and offers the opportunity to direct traffic flow in areas where maximum security is not required.

Fast arm rotogate
Fast Arm Pod Rotogate

Our motorised fast arm pod Rotogate product brings many of the features of a full sized turnstile into an exciting new form factor. This space saving design can fit environments where other designs are too bulky and can be integrated with a range of access control options.

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