Optical Turnstile Gate

Robust and High Security Optical Turnstiles

The ideal solution where you need to control access through a specific entrance or exit, our turnstiles can be linked to any access control system. They have no arms or paddles to control entry and rely on the authorised person swiping in; failure to do so creates a local alarm.

This type of optical turnstile provides a far more attractive look than other turnstiles or speedgates as there are no protruding parts.

Our turnstiles are constructed from stainless steel and are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards for long lasting and durable performance. Optical turnstiles are installed internally and are extremely easy to use and operate.

Using a non-restrictive method to control traffic flow, these optical turnstile units are ideally suited for office personnel entrances where the majority of staff enter using an ID card. This allows for rapid pedestrian advancement and barrier free DDA access, while preventing tail-gating by those without credentials.

This highly customisable series can be left pure satin stainless or clad in fine wood cabinetry. The top can also be stainless, or finished with a solid surface to match any decor. This series integrates with all standard access control equipment.

  • High Quality Non Contact Turnstiles
  • Tail-Gate Detection & Bi-Directional
  • Integrate with Any Access Control
  • Different Top Finishes Available
  • Corporate Badging Possible
  • Sleek In Design
Photo of EDS UK optical turnstiles
Optical turnstile gate

EDSUKOG1 Optical Turnstile

The EDSUKOG1 is an optical turnstile without any paddles, arms or gates. The EDSUKOG1 requires an access control system; keypad, proximity card, biometric or RFID; to be present prior to entering the lane. If valid the user can pass through the lane without an alarm being generated. If a user attempts to walk though the lane without first deactivating the alarm by use of the access control system the alarm within the pedestal operates. Further remote or site wide alarms can be generated for unmanned situations.

The EDSUKOG1 optical turnstile is slimline, sleek and takes up a lot less footprint than the standard speedgate or controlled turnstile. It is therefore ideal where space is limited. As there are no moving parts, gates or flaps within the pedestal each lane can operated very quickly. Once the last user has cleared the lane the optical turnstile is clear and ready for the next user, making it ideal for busy facilities.

Installed and tested by EDS UK, a guarantee of long lasting higher reliability.

Turnstile Hire

We are able to provide turnstile hire & short term turnstile rental. Either full height turnstiles or waist half height turnstiles are available. These turnstiles are designed to control temporary access for occasions such as concerts, sports events, meetings, rallies, exhibitions, or anywhere you need to control access into the site.

Our short term turnstile hire service is an ideal solution to provide an enormous temporary increase to the number of visitors you can safely grant access to your site. With decades of experience designing, building and deploying turnstiles, EDS have the stock and engineering expertise to help you determine how many turnstiles of which types you need, and the best positions for them on your site.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.

Photo of EDS UK half height turnstiles

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

EDS can maintain any type of existing system, providing on-site and workshop repairs to any make of systems. With a large stockholding of spare parts we can turn around repairs rapidly.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is fundamental to ensure your systems operate as effectively as when they were first installed, we are able to provide competitive quotation for maintenance of new and any type of existing system.

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