Why our accreditations are important to us

When you work with a security provider, you need to know it’s a name you can trust. At EDS, we put our money where our mouth is.

Our accreditations are important to use because they showcase some of the real differences that EDS has made to the UK infrastructure as a whole. We support our partners and customers with bespoke and tailored technology solutions. We provide products and services in the form of access systems, security, electricity, traffic management, railways systems, IT, and manufacturing materials. 

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve recognition and accreditation in different industry fields. Here are just some of the accreditations that we have received for our nationally recognised technology services, in both public and private sector industries.

Intruder alarm systems for the UK Police 

EDS are an internally recognised provider and maintainer of intruder alarm systems for the UK police force. Our team understands the high-security technology and compliance measures required to fit the needs of UK police stations and premises. 

We provided the police force with sophisticated alarm systems that use advanced sensors and alarm systems that send alerts to authorised personnel, ensuring rapid response. Our backup systems ensure the alarm system continues to function at all times. Alarms connect to centralised monitoring systems that allow the police to monitor and manage all their intruder alarm systems from a central location. 

EDS are proud to manage the alarm systems for the Metropolitan Police, Birmingham Police, West Yorkshire Police, Essex Police, Leicestershire Police, Northampton Police and more. Our security solutions are designed and manufactured in the UK, and we are happy that they can provide efficient and watertight security for our police.

Railway crossing stiles for industry suppliers, RISQS

We are an accredited and verified supplier of level crossing stiles for RISQS. Level crossing stiles provide access to railway lines and are a vital safety feature. EDS are able to provide the highest quality level crossing stiles that meet the safety requirements for railway industry suppliers, RISQS. Our products are manufactured in accordance with BS and EN standards and CE marked.

EDS carry out all necessary third-party inspections and tests to ensure that the level crossing stiles supplied are safe and fit for purpose. All EDS staff are fully trained and up to date with the latest industry regulations and standards. We also work closely with industry experts to ensure their products and services are of the highest standard.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers who are able to provide technical advice and support to customers on the best level crossing stiles for their needs. EDS also offer a wide range of after-sales services and support, including installation, maintenance and repairs. 

Accreditations for the procurement and construction industry

We have built long-lasting partnerships with the construction and procurement industry, exemplified by our accreditations with Construction Line, NICEIC, and BS EN 1090. We have earned these accreditations by demonstrating strict standards for quality, safety, and financial viability, giving our clients peace of mind in our work.

Our Constructionline approval is essential, as it allows us to trade with the UK government, local authorities, and other public bodies. It verifies the fact that we have a robust Health & Safety plan in place, have valid insurance, and are financially viable to trade with. These accreditations are essential for our business as they allow us to work with high-profile clients and continue to demonstrate our expertise and commitment to quality.

NICEIC approval is critical for EDS’s electrical installation works. NICEIC approval ensures that contractors adhere to strict quality standards through random inspections of their on-site installations, office procedures, customer service, reliability, and backup support. The fact that EDS is NICEIC approved to Quality Assured ISO9000 standards through UKAS provides further reassurance to our clients.

Lastly, our BS EN 1090 accreditation is crucial for EDS’s structural steel and aluminium installations. All products we produce are CE marked to demonstrate their compliance with this directive. This accreditation ensures correct standards are met for our material production, construction, engineering, and welding.

Work with EDS

We are proud to have connections to clients across many different areas of the UK industry. We have been prevalent across many industries for over 30 years, and in that time, we have established ourselves and experts when it comes to compliance, regulation and procurement. 

Our range of entrance and security solutions put us in a perfect position to support UK businesses. At EDS, everything we do is designed, fabricated and installed here in the UK. This means we’re not affected by supply chain issues, and offer a quicker turnaround than other providers.

If you are looking to build a partnership with EDS, we are always thrilled to welcome business with new clients from any industry. Head to our contact page to speak to an expert in our field about your matter.