EDS Blog – Our solutions for city centres

City centres are bustling hubs of activity that require efficient management to ensure smooth traffic flow and pedestrian safety. At EDS, we provide custom technology to meet the security of busy city centres, manage high-traffic areas and give people the help and ease of access they need. We offer high-security and robust solutions that are built to last for years to come.

For inner city projects, we make it our priority to find our exactly what is needed. EDS work to tight schedules, following compliance regulation and offering our technical expertise along the way. Read on to discover the technology we supply to support city centres.

Bollards for city centres

Bollards are a common design and separation feature in city centres. Both static and automatic bollards are used across city centres and for good reason, they’re an excellent way to boost security and ensure your pedestrian areas stay that way.

Automatic bollards are designed to keep traffic away from sensitive areas, delivering aesthetically pleasing traffic control devices that disappear beneath ground level. This is perfect for areas of your city that should only be accessible to service vehicles during the day for example.

Automatic bollards can be set either in the raised or lowered positions by default, and operation can be via radio remote control, ANPR, tag module attached to specific vehicles, digital keypad, or an audio/video intercom to manned offices.

Traffic management systems

Robust traffic management is essential. We have supplied many areas of London with the technology the city needs in order to minimise congestion. We design, supply, and install virtually any type of traffic management system. These systems can be integrated into existing site-wide systems for control of barriers, gates, roller shutters, security systems, lights, and other automation systems.

Our traffic management systems be custom designed to your specific requirements, with the software written for specific application, and altered at any point to fit changing needs. EDS offers various traffic management options, including traffic light systems, access control, coach and car traffic management, weigh bridges and all kinds of traffic managing barriers and gates.

Inner-city parking systems

Inner cities are often tight for space when it comes to parking. The best multistorey car parks have a set of technology systems that work in unison to manage traffic, guide vehicles toward the right places and take payment efficiently.

Firstly, we offer automatic, swinging, rising and telescopic barriers that are built for parking purposes. They can be integrated into your payment machines and routinely monitored with our CCTV systems. These can be built to specification and come in a huge range of designs, for any size and application.

EDS provides pay on foot and pay and display car parking systems that are state-of-the-art revenue machines. These systems are capable of serving a single or multiple car parks all connected via independent networks. The automated payment station is designed with functionality and user-friendliness in mind and is capable of working independently or as part of a wider networked system.

We also, offer bespoke lighting and electrical systems for car parks, with emergency backup electrical systems and the full works. With our rigorous designs and custom build options, your car park will be kept safer and secure, with easy monitoring and 24/7 management.

Outdoor and indoor CCTV

Every city centre has its problems when it comes to crime. It’s important to be able to put your trust in the CCTV that can monitor key areas in the city. As they are static, and often facing harsh weather conditions, they need to be top of the range cameras. With a vast network setup across a city, the infrastructure and monitoring systems are key.

EDS provides a wide range of CCTV systems and monitoring integrations. We supply CCTV cameras, from small covert cameras to static cameras and from dome cameras to vandal-proof cameras. Our harsh environment cameras can withstand vandal damage and we even supply explosion-proof cameras for use in highly volatile environments. For night-time security and poor lighting conditions, EDS also has a suitable array of high-quality colour cameras for day and night operation to suit every application.

Intercoms, alarms and directional help points

Help points and intercoms are invaluable for tourism and visiting members of the public. Help points and directing features can serve boost navigation and give the public the help they need.

EDS provides intercom help points that are designed to provide a secure and reliable means of communication for pedestrians and other users of public spaces. These help points are typically located in car parks, city centres, and other public areas and can be used to summon assistance in the event of an emergency or other urgent situation. We make it our priority that they are installed with full confidence and rigorous testing.

Electric vehicle charging

As electric vehicles become more popular, there is a growing need for charging infrastructure in the city. When strategically placed, the public can freely visit your city with their electric vehicles without the stress of running out of power.

EDS provides electric vehicle charging solutions that are reliable and efficient, with the ability to charge multiple vehicles simultaneously. These solutions can be customised to meet the specific needs of your site, whether you require a single charging station or a network of charging stations built within the rest of your infrastructure. Across all our projects, downtime and disruption is kept at a minimum. We have been trusted by multiple councils around the Midlands and beyond based on our accreditations and years of experience.

Choose EDS for city centre solutions

EDS provides custom solutions for all of our services. We design, install, monitor and repair all of our technology and have the accreditations to prove our excellence. We have been providing city centres with the tech that they need for over 40 years, and seek to build long-lasting partners across the UK. Get in touch with us via our contact page.