5 ways to improve your home security

Investing in automatic gates, CCTV, turntables, access control and railings can help your property stay safe no matter where you are!

At EDS we provide all these things, here’s how each of them can protect your home.

Why is it important to protect my property?

Protecting your property is important for a variety of reasons, some of these include financial protection, legal obligations to keep your property safe for you and others visiting, as well as for personal reasons, e.g., protecting your family who live in the property as well. 

Having a proper security system in place, in addition to securing physical property and reducing the risk of crime, can also act as a safety net for emergencies. Like fire and natural disasters.

So, what security system will work best for you? At EDS, we have a few recommendations.

Automatic gates

An automatic gate can provide several benefits to protect your property. The gate can act as a physical barrier to keep out unwanted visitors, deter potential intruders, and provide an extra layer of security. An automatic gate can also be programmed to only allow access to authorized personnel, which can help prevent unwanted visitors from entering the premise.

What are the benefits?

Of course, security is the biggest benefit of an automatic gate. 

The automatic gate can help deter burglars and intruders from entering the property grounds, and the gate also provides homeowners with additional privacy as the gate will prevent anyone from seeing into the property. 

An automatic gate can also add value to your property, as they not only provide your property with safety, but it also can enhance the look of the property and add curb appeal. 

CCTV systems

CCTV can provide a range of benefits and is an effective way to protect your property.

CCTV Is great for deterring burglars and intruders from attempting to enter your property. Simply seeing, or being made aware of the cameras on the property, perhaps from a sign, may just be enough to discourage them from attempting to break in. 

What are some benefits?

Having 24H surveillance allows homeowners to monitor their property at anytime from anywhere. CCTV helps homeowners stay on top of any potential threats or problems, and encase a crime was to take place; the CCTV system can provide the crucial evidence you need to help identify the criminal and get them prosecuted.


Turntables for cars, also known as car turntables or driveway turntables, they can improve your security by making it easier to navigate your property and park your vehicle safely. 

They work by rotating your vehicle around its own axis, allowing you to enter and exit your garage or driveway in a forward direction. This can be especially useful for homes or properties with limited space or tricky driveway angles, as it eliminates the need to back out of your driveway or manoeuvre your vehicle in tight spaces.

What are the benefits?

One of the main benefits of using a car turntable is that it can help protect your property by reducing the risk of accidents. For example, if you have a narrow driveway or a garage that is too small to easily park a car, a turntable can make it much easier to safely enter and exit the space without damaging the car or the surrounding property.

The main ways Car Turntables protect the property is by reducing the risk of accidents, preventing scratches and dings on the car and maximizing the use of the limited space.

Access control

An access control system can protect your property by restricting access to certain areas and allowing only authorized personnel to enter. It can also be used to monitor who is entering and leaving the premises, and it also monitors when they are doing so. Access control systems can also be used to restrict access to sensitive areas.

What are the benefits?

One of the main benefits of access control is that it allows you to have complete control over who has access to the property. This is great for preventing any unauthorised access from gaining entry. Another benefit is that the access control system is that it can be managed and monitored remotely, allowing you to control access to your property from anywhere.


Railings can provide a physical barrier to protect your property from intruders, animals, and other hazards. They can also act as a visual deterrent to potential trespassers. Railings can also be used to define boundaries and create an attractive aesthetic for your property.

What are the benefits?

Railings can help prevent accidents by providing a barrier to prevent people from falling off balconies, decks, or other raised surfaces. Railings prevent people from entering the property and are also one of the most durable security systems as they are made of materials such as steel, aluminium, or wrought iron, which makes them fully capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. 

You also don’t need to do much maintenance on them and they’re easy to install!

security systems can provide a range of benefits and can be an effective way to protect your home, enhancing your security can help give you piece of mind and help you feel safer and more secure in your home. 

Feel free to get in touch to discuss what security systems will work best for you and your home by speaking to the EDS team!