How EDS supports the distribution sector

Distribution is a vital industry that keeps pretty much all other sectors alive. Distribution and transport teams quietly supply private and public sector businesses up and down the country. Without the distribution industry, the UK would come to a grinding halt.

To follow the efficiency, productivity and security required for the movement of goods, it’s important that facilities have everything they need. EDS have compiled some of the key technology features for the distribution sector.

Read on to discover the key technologies that we supply to the distribution sector. If you’d like to know more about our products or speak to a member of staff, head to our contact page or give us a call on 01212 130 130.

Commercial Gates and Barriers

Larger commercial spaces and industrial sites such as distribution centres require entrances and exits that can secure premises and facilitate deliveries and shipments. EDS supply high-endurance and rigorous commercial barriers, bollards, automatic gates, and traffic management systems. These all come together to manage on-site safety and eliminate congestion on your premises.

Access control management systems are at the heart of your entrances and exit systems. It’s important that you have full control over your system, even if you decide to automate most of the barriers. Fully integrated systems will allow you to open and close gates with ease. They’ll also likely be integrated into your other IP security services or any building management systems you use.

Another benefit of barriers and commercial gates is that they can help to improve the flow of traffic within your distribution centre. By directing vehicles to specific areas of the facility, barriers and gates can help to reduce congestion and ensure that delivery trucks and other vehicles are able to move in and out of the centre quickly and efficiently. 

CCTV and security systems

At EDS, we understand the importance of security for your premise. Our CCTV cameras, security and alarm systems are designed to provide comprehensive protection for your entire site, including the perimeter and inner areas.

Our CCTV systems include a range of detection devices that are operational 24 hours a day, providing an extra layer of security. Access to the site can be controlled through automated entry gates and verified by CCTV, ensuring that only authorised personnel are granted entry.

Our intruder alarm systems are designed to monitor and protect the fabric of your building, as well as your office equipment and high-value customer data. Additionally, our early warning smoke and fire detection system keeps your company safe and secure, and all of these are connected to our EDS Secure Monitoring Centre, which ensures that you have round-the-clock monitoring and protection for your company.

We can also provide unique tags for night-time drivers and subcontracted drivers, which allows them access only at certain times to match the loading and unloading rotas, making sure that the safety and security of the site is not compromised, and customer data is safe.

Electrical fitting and infrastructure

We have supplied enterprise level distribution centres with full electrical infrastructure and cabling to power their sites. These industrial sites require experienced and knowledgeable project management to contend with the potential age and existing electrical systems of the premise. 

Your distribution centre will likely require electrical fittings to support an array of machinery. With features like heavy duty power outlets, panel boards and circuit breakers, your building will be able to provide for 24-hour use of these machines. We often install backup generators for our distribution clients to ensure that their business can continue running in the event of a local power failure. 


We find that distribution centres benefit most from our technologies when they are in full control of every system. We install integrations that can unify your access control, security, lighting, analytics and business management software etc. Using this technology you can secure your site and easily manage and keep track of daily operations.

Integrate your access systems with advanced proximity readers or authorisation from on-site security personnel. Grant your select members of staff the ability to remotely open the gates with vehicle mounted transmitters or keyfob tags. Track events and log personnel information with the local PC, ensuring a complete record for timekeeping and compliance.

You can enjoy seamless audio communication with our telephone style handsets located within the control room. Verify the caller with one of the presets on our dome cameras for added security. 

Our process at EDS

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ solution. We tailor our solutions to suit the needs of your premise. For large distribution sites, you need high-quality, hard-wearing and scalable solutions. EDS provide warehouses, unit buildings and large storage facilities with everything they need to stay safe and secure.

If you are looking for scalable project management and supplies for your distribution centre, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Head to our contact page for more information, or give us a call on 01212 130 130.