5 reasons why your business needs an automatic gate

There’s something impressive about driving onto a business premises that has an automatic gate. They are secure and efficient, and add a new layer of privacy from street view. There are many kinds available, but almost all modern designs give you customisable options to fit with your entry solution.

Automatic gates provide an advantage over other types of commercial gates. This makes them a great choice for businesses looking to improve their access features. Have a read of the 5 key benefits of adding an automatic gate to your commercial premises.

A convenient solution for you and your team

If we compare manual gates and automatic ones, the latter is much easier and efficient to use. With a manual gate your staff and visitors would have to get out of their vehicle and open it themselves. With an automatic gate, it can be as easy as pulling up to the gate and driving straight in.

Automatic gates are robust and built to last, so they’ll provide an efficient and convenient solution for years to come. They’ll also offer you controlled access to your site, which is a fantastic way to manage your people-flow. Even though they are automatic, you can limit and control who enters your site.

It’s also an added benefit that you can see when your visitors arrive before they reach your reception. This could give your business a more professional greeting as your visitors arrive and speed up their waiting time before meetings and appointments.


Increased security measures for your building

Every business premise wants their site to be secure. If you’ve got high-value equipment on-site then you’ll especially understand the importance behind your security measures. An automatic gate adds a new layer of security.

Automatic gates are proven to discourage criminals from attempting to enter your property. They’ll also have a tough job getting past them, our automatic gates are very robust in design and well maintained. You’ll also have control of people entering and exiting your site. Your security can be improved especially with added integrations such as security cameras, ANPR and other authorisation features.

EDS provide gates with applied technology designed to fit any business solution. We also provide regular servicing and maintenance to our gates once they have been deployed, so that your business premise will always be safe and secure.

Creating a private space for your property

If privacy is something to be desired for you business property, then automatic gates are a great choice. They negate the chance of a gate ever being left open and create a large barrier between your space and the outside world. 

Some automatic gates are built to be well above eye-level, providing further privacy for your commercial space. The designs that you choose are down to taste and the sizes required, but you can also have gates that limit how much you can see onto the property from the outside. 

Our wooden gates, aluminum gates and PVC ones are designed with privacy in mind. Our systems can easily power gates leaves up to 7 meters wide and 3 meters high. Although most typical gates tend to be between 1.5 and 2.5 meters wide and 1.2 to 2 meters in height.

Bespoke customisation and integration

There is an automatic gate solution for every business premise type. Some are highly decorative, some focus solely on security, some are more affordable and for smaller sites. They can all be customised and tailored to fit in with your existing railings and aesthetics.

All of our designs can be integrated into your access control systems. So If you already have a security system that manages your people flow, your automatic gates can serve as an extension to this.

There are a few different technologies for automatic gates that fit for different purposes. These give you flexibility in their application and overall cost of having them installed. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge in recommending the right technologies to fit with your ideal automatic gate solution.

Increasing the market value of your property

Going back to our original statement, there’s just something very impressive about having an automatic gate for a property. They will definitely impress business owners that enter your property, and overall they’ll boost the value of your property.

Therefore it’s a worthy investment for you business, and one that you might see significant returns from further down the line. If you ever moved into new offices, you will mildly notice a significant improvement on pricing due to the benefits listed in the above sections.

EDS provide a scalable solution for businesses looking to improve their on-site security and efficiency. We only use our own trusted engineers, who have the wealth of experience in all of the technologies required to deploy and maintain our products. Get in touch with us and we can provide you with a gate that is bespoke fitted for your needs.