Manual Barrier Arm

Manual barrier arm with adjustable counterweight

Manual Barrier Arm

The manual barrier arm provides an ideal low cost solution for parking and traffic management. The barrier can be locked in either the vertical or horizontal position. Our manual barrier arms are constructed from high quality steel and utilise a counterbalanced lightweight aluminium pole arm.

Manual barrier arms provide a cost effective solution for locations where a fully automated barrier entry system is not appropriate.

  • Spans 1 to 12 Metres
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Can be Locked in Vertical or Horizontal
  • Several Colours Available
  • Lightweight Pole Arm
  • Smooth Operation
Manual barrier arm controlling access to a VOSA site

A simple barrier, designed, supplied and constructed by EDS for VOSA – the Government Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

EDS manual barrier arm across the entrance to a residential estate

Simple manual barrier arms like this are ideal for low-traffic scenarios or where automation is not practical. Our barriers are strong, hard-wearing and weatherproof and require almost no ongoing maintenance to operate at their best.

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