Solar Parking Bay Barrier

Extended solar parking bay barrier

Remote Control Solar Parking Bay Barrier

The solar powered remote control parking bay barrier is an excellent way to control individual or multiple parking bays. The solar parking bay barrier can be installed in any location and is charged by solar power, so there are no holes to dig for foundations or electric wiring. The unit is simply bolted to the road surface.

The solar parking bay barrier/bollard has its own built-in battery backup and will operate the unit for around two years at 4 daily operations in normal conditions with solar cell operation before needing a top up charge. For this the battery is unplugged from the unit and given an overnight charge from the mains supply; a dedicated mains power charger is supplied with the unit.

  • Solar Powered With Battery Backup
  • Can Be Driven Over
  • No Electric Wiring Required
  • Quality Engineered Product
  • Remote Control Solar Barrier
  • Around 10 mins to Install

Remote Control Solar Parking Bay Barrier

The solar parking bay barrier is constructed from high quality stainless steel and polycarbonate, and can be driven over with heavy 4×4 vehicles. The hand held radio remote control unit is invaluable for operation from the vehicle and has 5 channels. When multiple units are installed together, the remote control can operate up to 10 units from a single button press, with up to 20 remote control users. A flashing lamp indicates battery charge status and illuminates when unit is operated.

A blank personalising plate comes as standard, and can be printed with your own name plate or advertisement, such as “Disabled Parking Only”, “Directors Parking”, “Mr Jones”, “Flat 1”, “Licence Holders Only” or your company name & logo. Additional charges apply.

The Kit Contains:
1 x SolarPark Parking Barrier with Battery Pack.
1 x Solar Cell System.
1 x Actuator.
1 x Flowing Block (Patented).
1 x 5 Channel Key Fob.
1 x Mains Powered Battery Charger.
1 x Personalizing Plate.
4 x Floor Plugs
1 x Set of Instructions.

Retracted solar parking bay barrier
Extended solar parking barrier

Where Can the Solar Parking Bay Barrier Be Used?

The solar parking bay barrier can be can installed in virtually any location, where you need to control parking, some examples:

Directors’ Parking Bay Space.
Reserved Parking Bay Space.
Flat or Apartment Parking Bay Space.
Disabled Parking.
Office Staff and Workers’ Parking Bay Space.
Visitor Parking Space Bays.
Doctor Parking.
Home Driveway Parking.
Your Parking Space.

The solar parking bay barrier can also be used to control access into driveways and main private access roads to prevent unwanted visitors.

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