Automatic Bollards – Crash Rated

Automatic crash rated bollards with beacons blocking access to a road

Automatic Crash Rated Bollards PAS 68 K12

We have a large range of PAS 68 and K12 crash rated automatic bollards.

We offer extremely high security automatic bollards that are PAS 68 & K12 crash tested. Our bollards are ram raid resistant, fully encased and highly secure when lowered or raised. High visibility is guaranteed by a set of programmable LEDs around the top of the bollard.

Optional extras include UPS constant power battery back up to maintain locking during power failures, a heating kit to provide de-icing in cold areas, and remote monitoring interfaces to identify what position the bollards are in, i.e. raised or lowered.

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Automatic Crash Rated Bollards PAS68 & PAS69 DOS K4, K8, K12, Crash Rating

The American Department of State (DOS) has a continuing requirement to provide vehicle barriers to U.S. Diplomatic and Consular missions overseas that have been certified to a specific level of anti-ram protection. Prior to DOS certification, vehicle barriers must be tested by an independent crash test facility to meet DOS standards. “K” indicates vehicle speed during crash test; and “L” indicates maximum allowed penetration of the barrier by the vehicle. Any combination of the above may be tested. The test specifies perpendicular barrier impact by a 15,000 lb (6810kg) vehicle.

Certification is based on the following speed (K) and penetration (L) ratings:

K12 = 50 mph (80 kph).
K8 = 40 mph (65 (kph).
K4 = 30 mph (48 kph).
L3 = 3ft. (915 mm) or less.
L2 = 3 ft. to 20 ft (915 mm to 6.1 m).
L1 = 20 ft. to 50 ft. (6.1 m to 15.3 m).

Testing a high security impact resistant bollard with a large truck
PAS 68:2007 Bollards PAS 69:2006

PAS 68 has been prepared to address the needs of organizations who wish to have assurance that vehicle security barriers will provide the level of impact resistance that they seek. Many systems are available that are either promoted or considered suitable for use as vehicle security barriers. As their characteristics differ in both function and form, a comparative means of assessing their performance is required.

PAS 68:2007 specifies a classification system for the performance of vehicle security barriers and their supporting foundations when subjected to a single horizontal impact. In the standards three alternative assessment methods of determining the performance classification of vehicle security barriers are given: [a] The vehicle impact method. [b] The pendulum method (only suitable for testing bollards at lower energy levels). [c] The design method. This PAS identifies impact test tolerances and vehicle performance criteria that need to be met in order to conform to it. Design guidance is provided in PAS 69:2006.

PAS 69 provides guidance on the selection, installation and use of vehicle security barriers to ensure that they are selected and placed as effectively as possible. PAS 69 intended to be used by designers, planners, architects, security managers and facilities managers within the public and private sectors. PAS 69 complements PAS 68:2007 Specification for vehicle security barriers, which describes methods for the classification of various barrier types in terms of their ability to resist dynamic impacts by vehicles.

PAS 69 highlights the issues to be addressed when considering the use of traffic calming and vehicle restraint systems as part of an overall security regime. The topics considered are by no means exhaustive, and the user is encouraged to consider additional questions and responses to cater for specific issues. Vehicle security barriers should not be considered in isolation but as part of an integrated security solution which may include, adjacent perimeter protection, CCTV, alarm monitoring and guard force activity.

The K12 rating has now been superseded by the ASTM F2656-07 standard.

Automatic crash rated bollard with beacon

Automatic Crash Rated Bollards PAS 68 K12

The EDSUKB501 anti-terrorist range has been successfully impact tested in accordance with BSI PAS 68:2007, stopping a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kmph).

Anti-attack ram raid bollards have been installed at crowded places within city centre locations as well as at transport hubs, industrial facilities and government and defence establishments. Many of these projects provide robust physical protection, thereby protecting life, property and operational continuity. At each location PAS68 bollards are providing an effective and highly reliable solution to the client’s individual needs.

  • 900mm Height x 275mm Diameter
  • Rise Time – Speed 4 secs
  • Flashing LED’s (optional)
  • Fixed
  • Semi automatic
  • Fully automatic

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