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Custom Designed Bollard Towers & Communication Poles

Stainless steel intercom posts

Stainless Steel Intercom Control Posts, Bollards & Intercom Poles

We have a range of bollard towers, columns and poles that can be fabricated to accommodate a range of devices and appliances, such as intercoms, control points, help points, power outlets or any combination of these.

Our bollards are tubular or square and made from galvanised or stainless steel. All bollards can be powder coated.

  • Bollard Towers
  • Control Columns
  • Bollard Columns
  • Power Columns
Custom designed intercom tower

Custom Designed Bollard Towers & Communication Poles

Custom designed communication pole with integrated traffic control system

Custom Designed Bollard Towers & Communication Poles

Bespoke Made in Britain

Step 1

Design & Render

Fully engineered design renderings submitted for your approval

Engineer using calipers to measure size of a bearing

Step 2


Our expert engineers bring the drawings to life in our UK facility

Photo of a CNC tool machining metal

Step 3


An experienced EDS team visits your site to install your bespoke product

Photo of an EDS van parked outside an automatic gate

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