Semi-Automatic Rising Bollards

Photo of EDSUKSA1 semi-automatic rising bollard

Semi-Automatic Bollard EDSUKSA1

Two versions are available
114mm x 500mm Version
210mm x 700mm Version

The EDSUKSA1 is a semi-automatic rising bollard with manual push to lower. It is composed of a natural finish stainless steel bollard with steel cast ground base unit. It provides mechanical lift assist raising and manual push to lower with locking in the lower position.

EDSUKSA1 is a gas lift operated bollard designed to protect premises and for use in traffic control in both private and public areas. It consists of a flanged cylinder providing a casing to the rising bollard and gas pump unit. The housing cylinder is inserted into a foundation tube cemented into the ground and is firmly secured to the foundation with anchor flanges. Suitable openings in the lower and middle sections of the bollard are provided to drain possible water residues that may gather inside. The bollard can be finished in any colour of your choice.

The EDSUKSA1 Semi-Automatic Bollard in Operation

The bollard travels smoothly into the raised or lowered positions and is operated by means a specially designed tool to lower the bollard.

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