Louvered Gates & Doors

Louvered Gates & Doors

Louvered gates, louvered fencing, slatted gates & slatted fencing products and decorative screening products are ideal to create a stunning modern appearance with the added benefit of low maintenance screening.

Louvers or slats with small or wide gaps can be made to look very attractive.

Slat screen fencing provides privacy while retaining good looks. Our louvered gates are available in a range of materials: aluminium louvers & slats, stainless steel louvers & slats, mild steel with galvanised louvers & slats, copper, brass and timber louvers & slats.

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Louvered doors

Automatic BiFolding Louvered Gates in action.

Louvered parking barrier

Louvered Fence & Parking Barrier

Louvered fence designs are ideally suited for use as parking barriers thanks to their light weight and simple operation. We can even automate parking barriers to make their use effortless.

Parking barriers are designed bespoke to each application, and are available in a wide range of finishes.

Bespoke Made in Britain

Step 1

Design & Render

Fully engineered design renderings submitted for your approval

Engineer using calipers to measure size of a bearing

Step 2


Our expert engineers bring the drawings to life in our UK facility

Photo of a CNC tool machining metal

Step 3


An experienced EDS team visits your site to install your bespoke product

Photo of an EDS van parked outside an automatic gate

Louvered Gates & Doors

With endless sizes, louver and slat screen gates & fences can be painted, powder coated, polished, mirrored, or treated etc with virtually any finish. Slat & louvered screens, panels, fencing & gates are ideal for use both as internal and external features and can be fitted wherever you might imagine.

Our slat and louvered fences are available in a variety of different colours.

Automatic louvered gate

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Louvered Gates & Doors Aluminium Louvered Gates & Doors Stainless Steel Louvered Gates & Doors Timber Louvered Gates & Doors.