City Centre Help Points

City & Town Centre Intercom Help Points

Our intercom and help points can be installed around the city centre or indeed any location that requires remote assistance.

The help points can be installed internally or externally and have the capability to contact a call centre anywhere across the globe and communicate with someone.

Help points can be installed in virtually any location, from a city centre environment to a remote, unmanned site.

The help points are available in many different styles and configurations with audio only or audio and video. Our help points also have the facility to remotely operate devices like gates, barreirs, bollards, lighting and switchgear from the central control room

  • Emergency Assistance
  • Provides Reassurance
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Secure Communications Route
City centre emergency and information intercom point
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Car Park Intercom Help Points

Our standard help point is ideal for compliance with the Secure Car Park Award Scheme. It is designed to work with any EDS intercom system. Once the call button has been pressed, the conversation is totally hands free. Speech is possible from up to 5 metres away depending upon the ambient noise.

Car park intercom help point

Help Point With Emergency & Information Buttons

Intercom points with emergency buttons are ideal for town centre or remote locations, allowing users to get help with a simple query or raise the alarm in a crisis.

The emergency button adds safety and security to remote areas, speeding up response times by passing location data to emergency services.

City centre emergency and information intercom point

High Visibility City & Town Centre Intercom Help Points

This high visibility round help point has been specifically designed with the public in mind. It can incorporate all the normal variations and functions available with speech units. These units can include one button for help, or two buttons for help and information.

• LED for active operation.
• Amplification for noisy environments.
• Black & white or colour camera.

It can be connected to any of the standard systems of communication, including PSTN (with PABX compatibility), ISDN, Copper, Fibre and VoIP. For remote sites where a fixed connection is unavailable, there is a 3G version with a solar power option.

It can be decorated to the customer’s specification, with a variety of finishes available. The outer circle has a maximum diameter of 446mm and can be powder coated as one colour. The 350mm central fascia plate is usually stainless steel powder coated or screen printed with any desired wording or corporate logo.

City centre help point with touch screen

Emergency Intercom Help Point

Our user-friendly emergency intercom help points can be mounted on a wall or in their own pedestal.

Emergency intercom help points are ideal for more isolated locations, providing fast, reliable access to emergency services or a remote contact centre of your choice.

Our intercom help points are strong, robust and simple to maintain. They are available in a wide variety of finishes to match customer requirements.

Man using emergency intercom point

Intercom Help Point Microphone

We can provide microphone master stations, for hands-free speech even from great distances, with display for caller identification and indication of multiple messages like alerts or alarms. A bright conversation lamp indicates clearly if the station is active.

The individually designable index field can be used to show call numbers and other important information.

Intercom microphone

Intercom Server

Our advanced intercom servers are rack mountable in standard 19″ racks and support up to 5,760 subscribers. Our servers allow the connection of digital 2-wire stations, analogue 4-wire stations and IP-terminals for IoIP®, all mixed within one housing. There are also 14 free slots for subscriber cards and various interface cards. The rugged 3U server is simple and easy to install in a standard 19″ rack.

Our servers include integrated functions for door and gate control, alarm, video integration, control desks and more. The range of features depends on the subscriber cards used. The server can support dozens of simultaneous analogue conversations depending on the link cards used, across a mix of digital and IP connections.

Our systems are ideal for all medium and large intercom and/or IoIP®-systems. The manifold networking concepts allow communication and security systems with up to 120 networked intercom servers, which correspond to 5,760 stations. It is also possible to forward calls to the public telephone network.

Intercom server

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