Electronic Data Loggers

Woman using electronic data logger on tablet

Electronic Data Loggers

EDS can provide data loggers in a single station format or multiple stations systems.

Our data loggers are capable of collating any form of data, including: people, noise, flow, temperature, range, voltage, fluid level and more.

Data loggers can be accessed locally via a wired network or remotely via 3G/4G, Wi-Fi or ethernet.

We provide single and dual channel data logger types for temperature and humidity logging. We provide temperature loggers for goods in transit monitoring, and also more sophisticated units that log both temperature and humidity in more demanding applications.

We supply a comprehensive range of multi channel universal input data loggers for measurment of temperature, voltage, current, pulse and all types of signal inputs. We can supply single units or complete systems with sensors, power supplies, weatherproof housings and any other accessories.

Data loggers with GPRS and LTE connectivity to enable you to collect your data without the need to visit a site. With our email enabled loggers, data can be sent direct to your inbox via GPRS or LTE. We also have web enabled loggers which have an integral web server to publish your data directly to a browser without the need for a PC.

We can connect a PC or host device to most remote serial devices using low power radio with range of up to 10km, or GPRS/LTE modems. For locations where there is no mains power available we can also offer solar and wind power options.