EDS Wins Traffic Management System

EDSUK have won an order for the new National Express Flagship site in Birmingham, the order is for a complex Traffic Management System to direct coaches into dedicated bays and to prevent coaches movement without prior management intervention.  

The scheme involves a completely bespoke traffic management system designed and developed from scratch by EDS. High speed automatic bifolding gates limit access into the site, with all necessary safety measures for pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Once a vehicle is within the compound, it is directed into one of 16 dedicated bays via a series of high intensity energy saving traffic lights. The system prevents any coach from moving within the compound without prior authorisation from one of three position; The Operations Centre, Gatehouse or individual bay with the use of a key override system.

Two fully functional display control panels are located within The Operations Centre and the Gatehouse, to provide visual feedback to the ground staff of the exact locations of coaches and the status of the bays, i.e. occupied, empty or coach moving, this then allows ground staff to direct the coaches accordingly.

A completely unique Traffic Management System and one of the first in the UK and which EDS are proud to be associated.