Armacell Manufacturing - Traffic Management

Inside their busy warehouse, Armacell Manufacturing had a need for secure, electronic locking, pedestrian gates, integrated with a set of roller shutter doors. We installed the EDSUKBAP8 as a bespoke solution, allowing Armacell to improve their stores area and improve safety on their walkways.

  • Electronic Maglock Locking
  • Pedestrian Barrier
  • Pedestrian Gate
  • Bespoke solution
  • Roller Shutter Door Integration

Roller Shutter integration controlling the pedestrian flow in the warehouse.

The onsite integration includes power for the maglocks and co-ordinated control with a roller shutter door.The unit prevents the pedestrian flow when the roller shuter door is in the open position and prevents the roller shutter door from opening while pedestrians cross the walk way. Indication is provided by an LED traffic light system.

Electronic Locking pedestrian Barrier Gate - EDSUKBAP8

EDSUKBAP8 - Electronic Locking Pedestrian Barrier Gate in the Closed Position.

The EDSUKBAP8 (in chrome finish) with maglock/electronic locking mechanism is sturdy enough to withstand a busy warehouse environment and secure enough to add another level of safety to walkways especially in areas of high volume forklift usage.

A video of the electronic locking mechanism and pedestrian barrier gates in action.

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