How to create a secure entry solution for your festival or event

Event planning needs to be a highly organised process. Regardless of the size of your concert, festival, exhibition or event, you need to guarantee that guests and staff alike can access your site with ease. Especially during the summer, you need to avoid large queues and wait times, since it’s likely the first impressions guests will have of your event. This has become even more relevant since the beginning of the pandemic.

Access control needs to be one of your top priorities. A huge variety of new technology is helping to make the event experience a much smoother process. At EDS we can provide a number of these access control services, as well as entry solutions that accommodate them. In today’s blog we’ll cover just a few of them, and how they work together to create a more secure and convenient experience.

Hire turnstiles

At EDS we are able to provide turnstile hire and short-term turnstile rental. These can be provided as full or half height turnstiles. These turnstiles can then be placed strategically across your site to allow for far more secure access, especially if you choose the full height solutions.

We know that compromising on security isn’t an option. The ability to hire turnstiles on a short-term basis means you can allow access to a far higher number of people while still protecting your site. Thanks to our stock and expertise we can provide the right number of turnstiles for your event. It also means that we can tailor the turnstiles that we provide to work alongside the access control services that you are planning to use.

We’ll also work with you on site. We’ve worked alongside events sector teams at concerts, sports events, meetings, rallies and more. This experience has informed our ability to strategically provision and place the right number of turnstiles where you actually need them. This means every corner of your site will have the right level of accessibility.

Integrate with ticketing agents

The last thing you need at your event is for guests to not be able to get in because your ticketing system can’t handle demand. Any access control service you use needs to be able to support all ticketing systems, so there’s no need to split off guests into many separate queues.

At EDS we can help. Our turnstiles can integrate alongside a huge number of different access control services, from key cards to QR codes and even biometrics. This means that guests can access any entrance you want. For added versatility, turnstiles can also be activated by a push button by your staff.

This versatility means that you can even create separate entrances for VIPs and staff, using the same access control systems, but simply using different access levels.

Guarantee accessibility

Security and accessibility should go hand in hand. It is great to improve the security around your event, but not when this could potentially exclude some of your guests. Any solution you do introduce has to be inclusive.

That’s why the turnstiles we introduce are compatible with a range of different accessibility options. Systems can be accompanied with DDA compliant wide access gates, pushchair gates or delivery gates.

It’s also important to mention that in the case of emergency, all our turnstiles can be set to remain in a fixed open position to allow for a quick exit if required.

Improve security at your car park

We’ve covered entry for your guests on foot, but we know that for many events guests are just as likely to arrive by car. Your car park needs to be just as well secured as any other entrance.

At EDS, we can provide a fantastic range of automatic barriers. These can be customised in a variety of ways. This includes the way that the barriers are activated, they can integrate seamlessly alongside the access control services we mentioned previously.

They can also be tailored to the security level that you require. Beam length can reach all the way from 1 to 12 metres, with optional skirts for demanding use. We can also add high speed barriers which are ideal for busy events.

For added security, barriers can integrate alongside ANPR cameras. This Automatic Number Plate Recognition automatically adds vehicle registration plates to a database. Upon exit, you can verify this registration alongside your database, with the barrier arm allowing access. Where high security is required, we can also implement tyre killers, road blockers or traffic flow plates to block exits.

If you’d like to find out more about any of the solutions mentioned here, or for a free consultation with one of our expert team, get in touch. We’d be happy to talk through the options that could be right for your event. You can reach EDS at 01212 130 130.