London Luton, The high volume Airport required EDS end to end thinking that was simply not available anywhere else

London Luton Airport - Distributed Traffic Management

When London Luton Airport required a bespoke distributed traffic management system they told EDS we were the only option. our innovative approach, design, manufacturing and installation experience has helped us to fulfil the needs of another transport operator that we are told no other company could even offer let alone effectively match.

  • Bespoke Traffic Solutions
  • Distribued systems and design
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Bespoke networked system
  • Manufactured to an exacting specification
  • Design, Delivery and Commisoning / Fitting

Bay stations in the distributed traffic management system at London Luton Airport, these help control the movements of Shuttle Coaches across the site

One of several, entirely custom designed products, developed specifically for this Large Distributed Traffic Management Project

Once again our unique abilty to work from the ground up delivers, working closely with the team at London's Luton Airport EDS have developed a distributed Traffic Management system that allows unrivaled logistical control of the site.

A view of the Airport's control tower and one of the Coach Bay's at London's Luton Airport

Bespoke design for the locking mechanism

Several elements of the custom traffic control system at the Airport are designed to make effective use of renewable energy sources

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