Metropolitan Police

The Met Police force required a dual installation of our BiFolding Gate systems, EDS Designed, Manufactured and Installed two sets of BiFolding Speed Gates which included a matched colour finish.

  • Dual Gates Installation
  • BiFolding Automated Gates
  • Powder Coated Colour Finish
  • Speed gates - Fast open/close times
  • Security features

Met Police - BiFolding Automatic Entrance Gates.

The gates incorporate automation and safety features to allow for smooth operation in a busy environment.

Met Police - Automated BiFolding inner Gate

EDS Fitting the inner automated BiFolding Gate.

The Gates (in powder coated "Met Blue" finish) enable secure entrance and exit to the site. The gates are BiFolding speed gates allowing for fast open/close times, a requirement from the customer.

Met Police - BiFolding Entrance Gate

Looking Through the Mesh of the SpeedGate.

Met Police - BiFolding Entrance Gate

The entrance BiFolding speed gates.

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