Dock Leveller

Dock Leveller

The dock leveller is the ideal solution for busy loading bay areas, allowing for access across dissimilar vehicle heights.

They are robust and durable, and available in a range of designs with hinged lip or telescopic lip dependant on your needs. Dock levellers allow for smooth and safe transition, compensating for the difference in heights between the loading bay and the vehicle. A dock leveller is more than a simple bridge; it helps you guarantee an efficient working environment and compliance with health and safety regulations.

The strong steel construction with anti-twist platform compensates for tilting, even if the load is not distributed evenly.

For every loading situation, EDS can supply the correct solution for efficient loading and unloading.

• Durable loading design
• Can be installed in a range of environments
• Working range side guards
• End loading control

Loading bay with dock leveller and a loaded truck trailer
Close-up of hinged lip dock leveller

Hinged lip dock leveller

The electronically controlled hydraulic system moves the platform to the upper most position and then automatically extends the hinged lip. The platform then is lowered until the hinged lip is placed on the loading surface. Now the lorry can quickly and safely be loaded and unloaded. Strong hinges and the continuous hinge band guarantee reliable functioning. The open design keeps the hinges free of dirt.

In case of very heavy goods, for example when loading paper, the hinged lip dock leveller is also available for loads rated up to 180 kN.

Telescopic lip dock leveller

The continuous and precise extending and lowering of the dock leveller’s telescopic lip allows simple and safe unloading of even fully loaded lorries. This way, even pallets that are situated at the end of the vehicle’s loading surface and thus only provide limited telescopic lip space, can be loaded.

The design, with interleaved beams of the platform and telescopic lip as well as side plastic runners, ensures regular and reliable guiding.
The telescopic lip can be extended and retracted in a targeted manner via separate control buttons, and can be placed precisely and controlled on the loading surface. Marks on the telescopic lip indicate the minimum and maximum positioning depth.

The telescopic lip has a length of 500 mm as standard. Longer versions are also available. These are required, for example, when the dock leveller is located behind the door construction.

Exterior inage of loading bay with a telescopic lip dock leveller
External picture of two HGV loading bays with telescopic dock levellers

Available Features

• Robust hinged lip
• Stable telescopic lip
• Safe, reliable operation
• Long-lasting design
• Reinforcements on the underside
• Noise-reducing pedestal
• Adjustable angle and fitting anchors
• Practical ventilation holes

Bespoke to your requirements

For every loading situation EDS can work with you to develop a custom solution.
Contact us today for more information on custom dock leveller solutions.

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