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EDS offer bespoke engineered bifolding and trifolding gate systems suitable in a range of scenarios. Both residential and commercial environments can benefit from these space saving designs. Our gates offer a smooth, accurate action, capable of supporting demanding, high volume scenarios whilst allowing us to offer high quality, tailored designs.

From concept to installation

EDS outclass other manufacturers by developing what customers actually need. Our approach is to fit solutions to requirements. Find out more about our precision manufacturing and high endurance electronic automation. This has made our bifolding gate designs first choice for high volume courier companies and high security sites, like the Met Police.

Secure automatic bifolding gate

One of many Police sites to benefit from EDS innovative technology.

Security and reliability at required levels for the UK’s MET Police force, from EDS.

Automatic Bifolding Gates, Automatic Trackless Bifolding Gates, Trifolding Gates, Bifold Gates, Bifolding Speedgates

With manual or automatic operation, bifold gates are suitable where space is an issue. Bifolding gate systems can be installed as fast acting or standard operation, with 100% duty cycle – rated for continuous use.

  • Manual or Automatic Operation
  • Speedgates
  • Bifolding & Trifolding Gates
  • Customized to Your Specifications
  • Fast Acting or Standard Operation
Automatic residential bifolding gate

Automatic Bifolding Louvered Gates in action

Automatic Bifolding Gates, Automatic Trackless Bifolding Gates, Trifolding Gates, Bifold Gates, Bifolding Speedgates

Suitable for use in underground car parks, high security applications or areas of limited space use.

We offer a range of bifolding and speed gates with a number of structural and drive solutions ranging from top or bottom track mounted or trackless versions to meet all types of applications. Each gate is designed to operate continuously, with options for high speed operation where fast access through the gates is required, i.e in high traffic environments.

The hanging posts are constructed from hollow steel sections with a welded steel top plate. The mounting brackets for the drive units are bolted to the top of the hanging posts. Control equipment is either mounted in the hanging posts or in a separate weatherproof lockable cabinet (subject to client requirements). The outer and inner adjustable hinges are specially designed for heavy use. The gate leaves can be guided by special rollers with stainless steel axles running in either a flush ground track, top track or trackless system.

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Automatic Bifolding Gates

Opening and closing speeds of around one metre per second make the gates ideal for integration with other forms of parking systems or access control systems. The Speed Gate is a serious alternative to conventional hinged or sliding gates in terms of cost and more importantly, operational security, efficiency and reliability.

Automatic commercial bifolding gate

Automatic Bifolding Gates

The bifolding gate drive units have either single or three phase motors and worm drive gearboxes. The drive is transmitted to the bifolding gate leaf by an articulated arm, with a quick release facility to disengage the gates and operate manually in the event of a power failure.

The system has built-in ‘soft start/stop’ functions, together with speed control. The control panel has a built in auto close delay function, and plug in cards are available for inductive ground loops, traffic light/status indication, and electro-magnetic lock control. The gate is locked by the drive system. The fully programmable control panel will interface with all types of access control systems, including card readers, barcode systems, RFID radio transmitters, biometric etc.

Automatic commercial bifolding gate

Automatic Bifolding Speedgates

The bifold gate is available in single or double leaf operation and is designed to offer a swift and secure form of entrance control.

Bifolding gates may also be provided with the following alternative infills; welded mesh, pales to match palisade fencing, flat, profiled or louvered sheet steel, aluminium or wood with close boarded or hit and miss style finishes, round bar, diagonal bar, or the gate frame can be prepared to accept the customer’s own material.

Automatic commercial bifolding gate

Automatic Bifolding Speedgates

Location sensors are employed to identify the location of the gates over their travel, for open and close positions. These are adjustable to obtain precise movement of the gates and associated gearbox. For long term weather resistance the gates can be be shot blasted, hot zinc sprayed, galvanised and powdercoated to a range of colours specified by the customer.

A recent installation of bifolding gates for Her Majesty’s Courts Service (Prisons), 6mtrs wide x 4mtrs high, close board steel plates, with rising fins, all designed as per the architect’s concept.

Automatic commercial bifolding gate

Bifolding Gates Speedgates Large Heavy Duty & Close Boarded

A recent installation of bifolding gates for a high secuirty establishment that required a bifolding gate to provide a very high gate to match the walls and operate quickly. EDS manufactureed, installed and integrated the gates into the site’s Access Control System.

A very large, heavy duty bifolding gate measuring 5mtrs high 4.1mtrs wide, close board steel plates, all galvanised and powder coated.

Secure automatic commercial bifolding gate

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

EDS can maintain any type of existing system, providing on-site and workshop repairs to any make of systems. With a large stockholding of spare parts we can turn around repairs rapidly.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is fundamental to ensure your systems operate as effectively as when they were first installed, we are able to provide competitive quotation for maintenance of new and any type of existing system.

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EDS are able to provide Wooden Gates, Oak Gates, Steel Gates, Stainless Steel Gates, Aluminium Gates and most other types of materials. We specialise in Heavy Duty Industrial Gates for Industrial Estates and Business Parks, please contact us for more details.