Revolving Doors

Revolving Glass Doors

EDS offer 3 wing and 4 wing revolving glass doors, all of which are available as manual, power assisted or automatic designs. Our doors are designed and manufactured specifically for your building’s opening; this means we can provide all glass revolving doors manufactured to millimetre precision.

• Energy efficient revolving door
• Framed or frameless designs
• Tempered safety glass
• Optional bi-directional speed controller

Revolving glass door at entrance to hotel with chrome finish
Revolving glass door at the entrance to a building

Interior and Exterior Revolving Glass Doors

Our doors can be suitable for a variety of scenarios and are designed and built to your requirements. We can provide fully automated, manual, and security focused doors. Our doors can integrate with security and safety systems and are durable and long lasting.

Revolving Door with State of the Art Control System

A state of the art control system monitors the door and has numerous advanced safety features built in. The control system ensures the door operates at optimum levels allowing users to enter and exit.

Automatic revolving glass door with chrome finish
Large bespoke revolving glass door

Bespoke Revolving Glass Doors

The design and build of our doors is bespoke to your requirements, meaning that the door is in keeping with its surroundings. Our UK-based production facility can manufacture doors to the nearest millimetre, ensuring a tight fit.

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