Access Control Card Key Systems

Person using an RFID access card

Access Control Card Key Systems

Key card systems, card key systems, swipe card systems. Whatever name you choose, these systems are simple yet highly effective. The basic principles behind the system comprises of a Front Desk Unit (FDU) which programs the cards to the doors, an electronic lock with an electronic processing device within the body of the lock and a programmable magnetic card.

The system works in real time and a card is programmed to a specific door or group of doors, forming a secure link. The card is programmed with the amount of time you want the link to remain active or live and that’s it.

Simple, secure and cost effective, the card key system is designed to meet the challenging and diverse needs of the modern keyless society. The reliable and robust design of the lock is paired with magnetic strip keycard reader technology and an emergency key override feature with full audit accountability. This provides lodging establishments with the efficiency and security they demand.

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• Simple, Yet Cost Effective
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Access Control Card Key Systems – Electronic Locks

The locks are designed for a wide range of applications. From small business with minimal security requirements, to independent hotels with only a few rooms who want to eliminate the cost of replacement keys and introduce a method of effectively managing checking in and checking out. Our systems can even scale to accommodate groups who operate a chain of hotels and wish to provide convenience to their customers, with the increased security offered by an electronic system.

Available in a wide range of finishes, the locks are stylish in design, simple to operate and bring features and benefits that can help improve efficiency.

Simple installation, easy maintenance, and user friendliness for guests or visitors, staff and management alike. One simple keycard allows access to guestrooms and common areas such as pools, hotel entrances and parking garages, eliminating the need for traditional keys and related rekeying costs due to loss or theft. All this in a dynamic stand alone system.

Person using a swipe card to enter a hotel room
Photo of receptionist passing an access control key card to a guest

Access Control Card Key Systems – Front Desk Unit

Each keycard is encoded using a uniquely designed portable Front Desk Unit (FDU). The magnetic strip keycard reader provides full audit accountability, enabling management to provide legal support in the event of unauthorised access to a room. In an emergency, the door locks provide access through a mechanical key or electronic override plus an emergency keycard.

Security, ease of use and reliability are the key ingredients that make the key card the system of choice for lodging establishments seeking the convenience and efficiency of a stand-alone electronic lock.

Summary of Benefits

  • Access control for guestrooms and facilities, as well as back-of-the-house.
  • Easily replaces mechanical or electronic door locks throughout a facility.
  • An economical choice for immediate increase in security.
  • Can be integrated into an existing master key system.
  • Scalable to specific hotel needs and budget.
  • No wiring required.
  • Ease of use for both guests and staff.
  • Requires only 3 AA batteries.
  • Operates with keycard in insert motion in open reader slot so foreign objects are easily removed.
  • Completely field reversible.
  • Emergency access by emergency keycard, mechanical key or electronic override reduces risks of drilling lock.
Photo of access control key card being used to gain access to a room