CCTV Camera Hire

Collage of covert CCTV devices

Covert CCTV Camera Hire

Employee and staff collaboration is a major factor affecting organisations. EDS has many years’ experience in providing covert or hidden CCTV camera systems to give our clients the evidential information needed to act upon. The excellent results our systems provide can be used in a Court of Law.

EDS have extensive knowledge in the way criminals operate in carrying out fraudulent activities, from monitoring the on-site activity of security personnel to the monitoring of teams of staff collaborating together to defraud a company.

Covert CCTV provides an unbiased view of events as they occur and is operational 24 hours a day, every day. Covert CCTV can be used in such areas as; health & safety breaches, employment legislation, staff thefts & stock shortages, missing funds, abuse of company materials, equipment, plant or services without authority, loss of earnings, missing plant or equipment, company data or information being sold to competitors.

• Covert CCTV Hire
• Plain Vehicles
• Totally Discreet Service

• Short Term CCTV Hire
• High Quality Digital Images
• Out of Hours Installation Service

Confidentiality guaranteed

This service is totally covert and confidentiality is guaranteed, even down to paperwork. We attend site and carry out a discreet survey out of hours if required. Our engineers arrive in plain vehicles and install the equipment totally discreetly and leave the area exactly as we found it, vacuuming up and replacing everything in the exact same place so as not to arouse suspicion, all at a convenient time to fit in with the normal working environment.

Once a covert CCTV system is deployed to monitor an area, the results are normally instant, catching culprits red handed and giving you the valuable unbiased information you need, which can then be used in a Court of Law.

The systems can be wired or wireless and installed at local or remote sites. We can alternatively provide links to our monitoring centre to view live monitoring of real time events as they happen.

Discreet neck mounted camera
Person holding a miniaturised surveillance camera between their fingers

Short Term Hire Facility

We are able to offer a short term hire facility, providing any amount of equipment to cover all eventualities. For example we can provide coverage to a plant yard for a weekend, provide a multi-camera installation for functions and events to monitor crowd safety and security, covert installations, and staff and employee monitoring.