Intruder Alarm Systems

Photo of keypad-controlled intruder alarm system

Intruder Alarm Systems

EDS have a range of intruder alarms designed for use in the widest of applications; from residential systems to small and large businesses and organisations with multi-site high security applications such as banks and financial institutions.

EDS have a system to meet your requirements. From simple control systems, to state of the art digital computer-controlled systems with on-board audit trails, our systems can be linked to a range of electronic sounders, bells, strobe lights and other interfaces to provide adequate deterrent warning within the premises. The system can be linked to our 24 hour control centre, giving instant response to emergency services, police, fire and ambulance authorities, guards, and keyholders

A suitable range of detection equipment is employed to protect your premises, including door and window contact devices, movement sensors, infra-red and microwave beams, vibration and impact sensors, acoustic and seismic technologies, with personal attack units to summon instant response in the event of an emergency situation.

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Secure, Cost Effective, Built-In Technology & Reliability

We have a range of systems available ideally suited to any size and type of property. Providing a fully featured alarm control system with an extensive array of options for ease of operation, our system’s modular construction and design allows expansion to meet your future requirements.

LED/LCD display indicators allow clear circuit identification, incorporating large key buttons with extremely user friendly, menu driven on-screen information. The system can be individually configured to the user’s exact requirements and re-programming is simple, with operation being carried out at the keypad or from a remote location to suit your needs.

The system is accessed through on-board keypad or remote keypad systems, with highly secure PINs, proximity tag or biometric eye or fingerprint recognition readers. All of these can be programmed to provide either full control over the system or a simple one button setting for cleaners, as well as allowing access to the system for setting and unsetting, testing, resetting and configuration of the system.

Areas within the premises can be assigned to groups, which allows for total flexibility and complete control. Internal sounders provide setting and incorrect operation warnings, with full on-board diagnostics to provide early warning signs of any potential situations.

Our range of control equipment offers fully programmable detection zones, which can serve as entry or exit routes, day alarms, night alarms, audible and silent personal attack, duress code alarm, 24 hour and fire zones and more. The equipment provides a choice of several settings for full setting, part/night and home setting, allowing selected areas of the premises to be protected at any time, all of which are completely compatible with the EDS range detection equipment.

The benefits of the system are considerable, providing increased security and flexibility.

Photo of touch screen intruder alarm control system
Reduced False Alarms Smokecloak External Detection Sounders Communications

Reduced False Alarms

The occurrence of false alarms is greatly reduced by using digital signal processing, where one detector refers to another for confirmation of incidents. By its nature, the system is a high security data network linked to the detection equipment utilising the very latest in cabling technology to reduce installation time and false alarms, ensuring high system integrity.

An internal pre-warning system is built into the system. It sounds should someone stray from the predetermined entry or exit route, thereby reducing the possibility of false alarms.

A built in managed reset is available, which is designed to allow the customer to reset their own alarm system following a police called activation. The system is fully compliant with current police, insurance, ACPO, UK and EU standards and codes of practice.

Photo of police car behind police incident tape

Burglars Can’t Steal What they Can’t See – Smokecloak

The SmokeCloak is an innovative, safe and effective security feature to minimize loss from an intrusion.

Upon activation, the SmokeCloak will produce a large quantity of smoke or fog in a very short amount of time, filling a room within seconds. The intruder will not be able to see at all. The SmokeCloak comes in a variety of systems and sizes to fit all applications.

SmokeCloak has a proven track record in minimizing losses to physical damage of entering your premises. It is ideal for any environment where valuable items are stored.

Photo of SmokeCloak device in action

External Detection Systems

For many sites, walls and fences are the main or only defence against unwanted visitors. These barriers are only physical obstacles to the determined intruder, and used alone they do not provide an alert when compromised.

External detection systems provide instant early warning indication to alert you that an intruder has entered the grounds of the premises. This is your first line of defence and can provide vital additional time to allow you or our remote monitoring centre to deal with the situation accordingly.

The detectors can be wall or post mounted to provide a complete blanket of detection, or hidden underground to detect foot movement across a specific area. Alternatively they can be attached to a fence to detect penetration or scaling.

All electronic detection devices come complete with walk test indicators. With full remote control this enables the detector operation to be checked regularly to ensure that the required coverage is maintained. As with all the devices they are designed to blend into the surroundings to provide unobtrusive detection wherever they are installed.

The technologies employed can include infra-red, microwave, vibration and pressure sensitive technologies. All of these have self-monitoring sensors and digital logic processing with thermal compensation. This enables reliable multi-zone protection over wide temperature ranges, also eliminating false alarms caused by external causes like birds and cats. Integral tamper protection is afforded to all units to prevent unauthorised access.

When used as part of an integrated security system, the detectors can also trigger CCTV cameras or security lighting. These measures enable the intruder to be more easily identified so that an appropriate action can be taken.

Perimeter protection is most suited to high risk, sensitive and open sites such as large gardens, homes of historic or architectural interest, refineries, airports, warehouses, research centres and prisons.

Compound Electric Fence
For total peace of mind, a site or compound electric fence can provide the ultimate in protection.

Sending high voltage through high tensile steel wires surrounding the perimeter of the site, the EDS electric fence is a highly reliable and extremely cost effective way of providing a physical deterrent to your site. The fence has an excellent false alarm to incident ratio, being unaffected by animals or weather conditions, ground or atmospheric conditions, making this an affordable option.

Electric fences can be added to an existing installation of fencing or installed as a complete package.

Photo of external infra-red detection system

Intruder Alarm Systems – Sounders

With its slim case and distinctive oblong styling and sound, the EDS electronic sounder has proved extremely reliable. It is available in both standard and high security versions. Each has its own independent float charged Ni-Cad battery. Both types are tamper protected against removal of the lid and from the wall. An optional foam detector can also be added if required. The High Security version has an additional anti drill tamper, provided by an inner steel skin.

The sound output can be programmed to be active from 5 to 30 minutes, with the default set at 20 minutes to comply with noise pollution regulations. The strobe operates in conjunction with the sound output and continues to operate after the sounder’s timed duration has finished. A matching dummy sounder is also available.

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Intruder Alarm Systems – Communications

Digital Communicator, DualCom, RedCare
BT Redcare continuously monitors the telephone line integrity, detecting line cuts and faults within seconds. It therefore represents a major security enhancement, which is fully endorsed by leading UK insurers. BT Redcare also reduces your signalling costs because it does not generate call charges, nor does it require a dedicated telephone line.

BT Redcare uses non-dialling technology, which is not interrupted by normal telephone usage, nor is it dependent on the line number, and is completely unaffected by any future telephone code changes.

The Redcare network is continuously in contact with your premises to ensure telephone line integrity is maintained. Redcare equipment, located in the BT exchange, immediately detects any loss of signal. If there is a line fault or the line is cut, Redcare checks to confirm that communication has genuinely failed, thereby reducing the risk of false alarms. If a response is not received, then the EDS alarm receiving centre is immediately alerted.

In the event of a genuine alarm signal, Redcare identifies which alarm signal is affected. The alarm signals are then transmitted to the EDS alarm receiving centre, where operators follow an agreed action plan by contacting the relevant emergency services and the specified keyholders. Redcare GSM is a Redcare connection with a GSM radio back-up path similar to that of a mobile phone, enabling your alarm system to be monitored by radio as well as via an existing BT line. By adding the GSM network your premises are monitored through two completely separate signalling paths. If one path fails, or is interrupted, then the other informs the EDS alarm receiving centre immediately, and continues to monitor any subsequent alarms.

If the GSM interface device loses contact with the GSM network, an alarm is transmitted to the EDS alarm receiving centre using the BT line. This means that with Redcare GSM, alarms can be signalled via both BT line and radio paths. Some burglars, vandals or arsonists first cut your telephone lines to try and prevent the intruder or fire alarm signal reaching the EDS alarm receiving centre. Redcare has a wide range of applications including commercial, industrial, government and residential. Redcare provides maximum protection against intruders, fire and monitoring of critical plant and machinery systems.

Digital Communicator
The digital communicator is securely located within the protected premises and connected to a standard telephone that links the alarm system with the control centre. The connection is made by dialling a dedicated number and transmitting a high speed coded message. This data provides specific details of the alarm type, location and identity of the premises. A communicator has up to eight independent signalling channels with an additional channel for reporting a test message or a low battery condition. The transmitted message enables the alarm receiving centre to identify the type of alarm condition, whether it’s a personal attack, intruder, fire or medical alert.

Once the message has been clearly displayed at the control centre, an acknowledgement signal is generated to inform the digital communicator of successful transmission. If the signal is not received at the alarm receiving centre the communicator will re-dial the number.

The presence of the telephone line is monitored continuously, providing an early indication of line faults on the control unit at the customer’s premises. EDS provides a monitoring service covering a wide variety of applications including fire alarms, personal attack alarms, intruder alarms, opening and closing of premises, and the malfunctions of equipment such as refrigeration plants and air conditioning systems.

Photo of BT Redcare alarm device

Detection Devices

The EDS range of detection devices has been developed specifically for use in any environment to protect your premises, with differing types of technology employed to cover all aspects of detection. We provide PIR (Passive Infra-Red) and dual technology PIR & microwave motion detectors with additional anti-mask technology to provide an indication if a detector is deliberately or accidentally obscured to infra-red & microwave beams, vibration, impact, acoustic & seismic sensor technologies. Long term performance is maintained by the use of sealed devices to prevent dirt and dust ingress and insects from impairing the detector’s view. Constant monitoring of the ambient temperature and automatic compensation ensures optimum detection coverage over a wide temperature range, with white light filters increasing the detector’s immunity to false activations using in-built technology.

The EDS range of detectors can be installed quickly and have been designed to suit your environment. Their tough, easy to clean, attractive housings provide practical security in style. Flush mounting is an option on most detectors, making it more aesthetically pleasing and less vulnerable to vandalism.

Photo of set of fire detectors

Fire Detectors

The EDS fire detectors are designed to operate with any standard intruder alarm. The units are powered directly from the control equipment therefore removing the need to replace internal batteries. The units are totally reliable as a power or wiring failure will be indicated at the control panel. The smoke detector operates efficiently and rejects unwanted smoke, such as people smoking within the area of the detector. It is designed to respond to all types of smoke generating fires; this is particularly suited to detect the smoke produced from smouldering furniture. The heat detector is designed for environments where a smoke detector would cause excessive nuisance alarms and therefore is ideally suited for areas such as a kitchen. If an alarm is detected the unit signals to the control panel immediately and depending upon the nature of the system, whether the control equipment is set or unset will determine if the remote central station is alerted.

Under normal conditions the detection is automatically self tested, causing the test light indicator to flash. An internal test button is mounted on the side to allow for testing. The detectors design and construction results in very low current consumption allowing many detectors to be interconnected to a standard intruder alarm system. The detectors are easy to install and maintain.

Vibration & Shock Detectors

The vibration and shock detectors provide reliable 24 hour perimeter protection. The vibration detectors are placed strategically and are designed to detect any forced entry, glass being broken, window frames and doors being prised open, forced, smashed, drilled or even sawn through. Vibration detectors can be installed on walls or roofs to detected attempted entry through these areas.

Photo of vibration and shock detector on a window frame
Photo of an acoustic break glass detector

Break Glass Detectors

Acoustic break glass detectors are designed to detect the breaking of certain types of glass, generating an alarm condition should a window be smashed.

The detectors can cover a large area such as a shop front or large expanse of glass for office buildings. The detectors have built-in microphones and use advanced microprocessor-based glass break sensors with high-level static and transient protection and white noise rejection mechanism.

Personal Attack Buttons – PAs

Personal attack buttons and switches allow an intruder alarm system to be deliberately activated at any time. Each has been designed to be easily operated in an emergency situation, but also to minimise the risk of accidental activations.

Two main types are generally available. The fixed double action hand operated model requires two buttons to be pressed simultaneously before an alarm is activated. This is ideal for areas where the risk of accidental operation is higher. The units are manufactured from either stainless steel or high impact plastic housing and will blend unobtrusively with most decors.

The second unit is a radio remote control which can be either belt or neck worn. Once pressed the unit triggers the receiving unit and a PA signal is generated and appropriate action taken. The radio PA system provides excellent portable protection for up to 1000 metres from the receiver or more.

Photo of personal attack button
Photo of magnetic door contact

Magnetic Contacts

Our range of contacts have been designed for use on wooden, plastic or metal doors and window frames or similar openings.

They can be either flush or surface mounted, dependant on the decor or extent of coverage required. For larger contacts designed for use on heavy duty roller shutters, warehouse doors, concertina doors and large openings, the magnet is usually fitted to the opening door. This enables heavy vehicles to be driven over the floor mounted contact without causing damage.

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

EDS can maintain any type of existing system, providing on-site and workshop repairs to any make of systems. With a large stockholding of spare parts we can turn around repairs rapidly.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is fundamental to ensure your systems operate as effectively as when they were first installed, we are able to provide competitive quotation for maintenance of new and any type of existing system.