Public Address (PA) & Tannoy Systems

Photo of a range of public address tannoy systems

PA – Public Address Systems
PA Tannoy Systems

Public address systems give you the ability to transmit sound around a building.

From a simple PA system to call employees or make announcements to the customer, or a background music system from a radio or CD source, to a fully integrated display system, or integrated Voice Evacuation system, EDS have the solutions.

Public address systems can be used to announce information easily and can also be used to broadcast music, creating an atmosphere. Whatever the environment such as noisy manufacturing areas, hazardous petro-chemical areas, distribution and warehousing, food preparation or retail outlets, we have a solution to meet your requirements.

• PA – Public Address Systems
• Background Music Systems
• Emergency Alarms & Intercoms
• Voice Alarms & Audio Annunciation
• Multimedia Displays & Broadcasting
• Messaging Systems

PA – Public Address Systems – Speakers

Speakers are available to suit all environments and with varying different shapes, sizes, colours and power output levels, enabling each location or zone to be specifically tailored to your requirements.

Photo of public address tannoy speakers
Photo of external weatherproof public address speakers

PA System – External Weatherproof Speakers

Externally mounted weatherproof speakers can be used for paging employees or announcing an emergency evacuation message or automated security warnings when integrated with an EDS security system. Production areas or workshop speakers are generally the pendant hanging style design, providing excellent sound output and performance combined with rugged construction. Internal office speakers are designed to be discreet and unobtrusive, with optional volume level controls in individual rooms.