Waiting Room Doctors
Call System

Photo of doctors' consultation room

Waiting Room Doctors Call System

Our digital patient management system is unique as it brings together in one package many of the low voltage electronic systems required in a modern health centre or GP surgery.

It combines a patient call system with a panic alarm system, solid state voice announcement, receptionist public address system, disabled WC panic alarms, background music input, wait/enter indicators and an output to induction hearing loops.

It fully complies with the Disability Discrimination Act and it meets the NHS patient confidentiality directive. The system is available in wired, wired/radio and radio only versions.

The waiting room display panel enables the patients to take themselves into the doctor when the display shows their number and the doctor’s room number. The unit will serve up to 99 rooms and 99 patients per room. A tone is sounded when the display changes. A speaker is included for background music and public address announcements.

Additionally a printer can be attached to the system to print out patient tickets in order. The printer can be positioned on the patient side of the receptionist desk for the patients to take the ticket, or it can be located on the reception desk for the receptionist to tear off and hand to the patient.

• Multiple Patients Per Room
• Modular Based – Expand as Required
• Inform your Clients – Easily
• Interface to Music or PA Systems

Receptionist Master Console

Receptionist Master Console
This unit is used to monitor the system, identify the location of staff panic alarms, issue patient tickets and to make public address announcements.
A panic button and microphone are included as standard. When used as part of a receptionist controlled system, the ticket issue facility is not required.

Digital Consulting Room Desk
This unit allows the doctor to select which patient to call from the waiting room. A panic button is included as standard. If required, an over door lamp can be controlled from this unit or a wait/enter indicator located outside the door. This is very useful for treatment and nurses rooms. An optional microphone facility is available.

Photo of waiting room receptionist master console and consulting room desk console
Photo of wall mounted and portable staff panic buttons

Panic Buttons

Staff Panic Button – Wall Mounted
Wall mounted panic button units can be fitted to rooms where staff are alone with members of the public. Pressing either red button will initiate a panic alarm and identify which room is calling. This unit can be supplied as a portable battery unit, with desk standing versions also available.

This lightweight portable panic or assist button unit is ideal for nurses who work away from fixed panic buttons.

Portable Staff Panic Button
The portable panic button can be worn clipped to the belt or pocket. Pressing the call assist button will initiate a low level call for assistance.

Pressing the panic button will initiate a panic alarm and indicate on the receptionist control unit which unit is calling. This unit can be programmed to identify the room number where the nurse is working. Wall or desk mounting holsters are available.

Wait and Enter Indicator

Wait/enter units are very useful for treatment rooms, examination rooms and interview rooms. The units are controlled from the consulting room desk unit. When the room is occupied the red lamp is illuminated and when vacant the green lamp is lit.

A buzzer sounds each time the lamps are switched.

Corridor Flags
Usually installed along corridors and extremely useful for assisting patients to find their way to the correct consulting room. Non-Illuminated versions are also available

Photo of wait and enter sign and corridor flag

Service, Maintenance & Repairs

EDS can maintain any type of existing system, providing on-site and workshop repairs to any make of systems. With a large stockholding of spare parts we can turn around repairs rapidly.

Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is fundamental to ensure your systems operate as effectively as when they were first installed, we are able to provide competitive quotation for maintenance of new and any type of existing system.