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With space constantly at a premium and more and more developments using innovative ways in increasing usable floor space, there has never been a better time to choose a vehicle turntable. Our turntables can be installed into most environments and blend into their surrounding, giving you the ability to squeeze your vehicles into some tight spots.

The EDSUK range of turntables are able to provide a solution to this problem, with the installation of a surface or below ground turntable that can turn through 360 degrees in any direction. The turntable can easily be operated from a push button, remote control device, keypad or secure key.

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Very large vehicle turntable in an underground car park
Lorry on a large vehicle turntable

Truck Lorry & HGV Turntables

We have a range of top surface finishes available; glass, granite, brushed or mirrored stainless steel, galvanised plate, aluminium checker plate, stone block sets, granite block sets, concrete, gravel, or any other finish to suit the surroundings. Each Turntable is fully customisable for each aspect of its design, operation and functions.

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