Bespoke Residential Gates

Driveway gates are becoming more popular every year as homeowners look for better security, convenience and compliance with parking regulations in many areas. At EDS we’ve seen the demand for residential gates rise in the past couple of years and this trend looks set to continue.

We know that the majority of people looking for a new driveway gate fall into two categories: those looking to secure a property that currently doesn’t have a gate, and those who are looking to replace an older or ineffective gate. For both of these groups we’d recommend going bespoke. Being able to work with an expert to design and implement a gate that lasts you for years to come is incredibly satisfying. You get to create something that fits with the aesthetic of your home, opens in a convenient way and above all provides safety for you and your loved ones.

At EDS we believe our bespoke residential gates can help you accomplish all these things. In today’s blog we’ll explain our process and some of the options available to you.

How to find the right driveway gate?

Creating a driveway gate for your property involves two key factors: you need to consider the space you are working with and the level of security you require. Once you know these things then you can decide on the aesthetic design and mechanism that powers your gate.


Naturally, the first thing we have to consider when designing a bespoke gate is where it will be placed. This isn’t just the size of your driveway or other entrance, but also the incline and any potential obstacles that will be in the way.

This will likely inform the mechanism of your automatic gate. The most common automatic gates are swing gates. These gates can be built in a variety of materials and look visually stunning, but as they are inwardly opening, they require a lot of space. For driveways where space is limited, we recommend using telescopic sliding gates or rising pop-up gates instead. These sliding gates can be made of up to five sections and reduce the run-back space needed by 75%.

For truly demanding locations, such as inner city properties, we can offer automatic rising pop up gates, and around the corner gates. These fantastic new innovations can literally rise from the ground. They are custom made for each application and can rise to full or half height. Around the corner gates do exactly what they say they do – they are curved sliding gates powered by our precision drive system.


When you design your residential gate you always need to have your main priority in mind. As much as they have a great visual appeal, their main job is to keep people and vehicles out. In our previous blog [link] we mentioned that it’s technically illegal to remove a stranger’s vehicle from your driveway! Any driveway gate needs to provide robust security above all else.

We know there’s a balance to be found. Most people don’t want their driveway to look like Fort Knox. However, we always ensure that our automatic driveway gates are made from high quality materials and we can advise on whether full or half-height gates would work best for you. All our gates are designed and constructed in our Birmingham facility, meaning you don’t have to wait long for repairs or new parts if something goes wrong. We can also integrate gates with access control systems for added security.


The design of your gate is also incredibly important. Your driveway is the first impression your visitors will have of your property, so it should have some wow factor! The automatic rising gates and around the corner gates, which we mentioned previously, definitely have this. However, any gate designed here at EDS can be customised to provide a brilliant visual impact.

We do this by working with high quality materials. Your gate can be made from hardwood, decorative wrought iron, aluminium and even glass. Gates can be customised based on the existing architecture of your site and you can even mix and match materials. Want a sturdy metal frame with a wooden infill? No problem. Want to spray your metal gate in a different colour? We can do it.

Our glass gates are arguably the most visually impressive of them all. To ensure they aren’t damaged we provide them with a specially designed motor. This means when they begin and end their entry cycle they move more slowly to protect the gate. We build safety features into all our gates as standard, including motion sensors to protect and vehicles that might unknowingly be in their way.

We’re currently offering a free consultation for our range of residential gates. Just give us a call or leave your details and a member of the EDS team will be in touch to help. Contact our technical enquiry team at or talk to us on 001212 130130.