Glass fencing, their uses, benefits and installation

Glass fencing is becoming incredibly popular for homes and businesses around the country. In the US it is often referred to as pool fencing as that is where it is most commonly located. Glass fencing is a fantastic way to add a level of security to your property, without sacrificing lighting or views, and arguably improving the visual presence. It’s a great way to make you and your guests feel safe and secure, while still being welcoming.

If you’re considering getting glass fencing for your home or business, this guide is for you. We’ll run through the options available, the installation process, and why going bespoke might be the best option.

Which glass fencing do I need?

The glass fencing that’s right for you depends on both the aesthetic that you’re looking for, and the context in which the fencing, railing or balustrade will be located. At EDS we can offer solutions that are all designed by our team of experts, and can be customised to suit your current architecture.

This includes our frameless glass railings. Most glass railings that you’ll see will be topped with a metal handrail and visible joints that hold them together. We can offer railings and walling that are completely frameless, creating a seamless appearance. This is a great way to merge inside and outside spaces, without sacrificing security or air conditioning. These frameless railings are ideal for indoor spaces where you need to maximise light intake.

Outside, our glass balustrades are some of the most versatile on the market. They feature an innovative shoe moulding attachment. In basic terms this attachment means that there is no need for visible vertical supports to be attached to the glass. This creates an uncompromising visual impact.

The finishing touches

To match the theme of your home or business, we know that the frameless look sometimes isn’t what you’re going for. That’s why our bespoke service allows your glass fencing, railings or balustrades to be topped with any material of your choice. This includes an aluminium railing or solid hardwood. The flexibility afforded by our shoe mould attachment also means you can fit top fixing and side fixing to concrete or steel.

Glass fencing installations

Working with EDS allows you to access the best of the best in terms of efficient installations. Our products can be installed almost anywhere; balconies, terraces, staircases, landings and many other indoor and outdoor areas. At EDS, we design and create all our products ourself, it all comes from our own craftspeople based in the UK. Our materials and components come from the UK as well. This means that we’re able to move projects along much faster. If any maintenance or replacement parts are required, we can accommodate quickly.

Every smooth installation begins with a great design. Thankfully our team of experts can work based on any of your specifications. We can create a stunning fence, wall or balustrade based on as little as a sketch. This is part of the reason why we believe that going bespoke when installing your fencing is the best approach.

The benefits of glass fencing

While the appearance of your home and business is important, safety comes before everything. Our glass solutions are designed according to this principle. They allow you to protect your guests on stairs, balconies, decking areas and more. We’ve also seen them effectively used by businesses to warn guests of any steep drops around a site.

We can also adjust the height of any fencing or walling. Most glass railings will only be just above waist-height, but we’ve seen them used effectively as full-height walling. This allows businesses to guide visitors on a clear path around the site, while keeping security tight and creating a stunning visual effect. This is best exemplified by our work creating Gatwick Airport’s security solution. Click here to learn more about this project.

Expand upon existing designs

If you’ve already got elements of glass fencing or walling throughout your site, and are looking to add to them, we’re here to help. As our process is bespoke, we are able to complement existing architecture and designs with ease. We can deal with projects of any size and scale, from residential work, to large undertakings such as our work with Gatwick Airport.

We’ll manage the process of installation from start to finish, working alongside designers, craftsmen and security experts to ensure we tick every box. Especially for business use, we know there are a lot of regulatory hoops to jump through when it comes to health and safety. Once again we’ll make sure that this is managed for you.

We’re currently offering a free consultation for our range of glass fencing, railings, walling and balustrades. Just give us a call or leave your details and a member of the EDS team will be in touch to help. Contact our technical enquiry team at or talk to us on 001212 130130.