How to create a complete parking system

At EDS we’re here to offer support on the areas of your business that you might not always be thinking about. This means everything from your doors, gates, security and building management. And one area of a business where all these services come together is your car park.

A car park is one of the first impressions any visitor has of your site. If it’s a disorganised or potentially unsecure process, it can run the risk of genuinely upsetting someone. We all love our cars, and seeing one damaged because of a sub-par car park has to be avoided. Making a great car park requires good planning and better technology. We can’t change the architecture of your site, but we can offer systems that make the parking process more efficient, more secure and more customer friendly. Here are the services that we recommend.

Car park barriers

We offer a wide variety of automatic and manual car park barriers. The automatic barriers feature a rising or sliding arm and can be widely customised to suit your site. You can change the length, colour and add a protective skirt to the bottom of your barrier. Where their real strength lies is in the technology that powers them.

Our automatic barriers come with a control system that has safety built in. This means not only do they integrate smoothly with a variety of payment systems, but also protect vehicles. We use technology called Ground Inductive Loops, which prevent barriers from making contact with vehicles should one drive underneath while the barrier is closing. This same technology also prevents tailgating.

Using car park barriers allows you to keep authorised vehicles safe, and keeps intruders out. However, they also ensure that your car park is never overfilled. They do a great job at preventing cars from being parked in unsafe entryways and creating obstacles during an emergency.


Bollards allow you to add an extra layer of security to your car park during out-of-office hours. Preventing access to your car park during this time has to be a priority, and bollards are the way to make this happen.

Automatic bollards a discreet and visually pleasing way to prevent the passage of vehicles. They can keep traffic away from areas you’d rather keep secure, or can add more security than barriers when your car park is closed. Our bollards feature a simple automated operation which can be triggered by radio remote control, ANPR, intercom or a tag attached to specific vehicles.

Parking revenue systems

Guaranteeing that visitors can quickly and easily pay for their stay in your car park has to be a priority. To make the process as fool proof and painless as possible, we can offer a variety of solutions here. Our on-foot revenue systems can work independently or as part of a wider networked parking system. They all work alongside various standard cards and can support customised tariffs.

These revenue systems integrate seamlessly with your barriers, with a sensor meaning that nobody who has paid will be stuck attempting to leave the car park. We also offer support for other revenue systems such as multifunctional entry and exit stations and attended pay desks.


Security has to be the number one concern for your car park. And for your security, it’s important to know when particular vehicles arrived at and left your premise. When combined with barriers and bollards, CCTV and ANPR cameras allow you to create a robust security presence.

ANPR, or Automatic Number Plate Recognition, has become incredibly popular in recent years, and has proven an effective way to fight crime. Installing these cameras on your site allows you to capture all vehicle data at a given time. This can be linked to the police database to allow for effective crime-prevention measures, or to your payment system to ensure transactions are successful.

You can customise your ANPR to automatically allow access to particular vehicles, making staff and guests feel welcome. You can even include custom greetings! Your cameras store all captured images on a database that can be referred back to whenever you need. ANPR technology can be installed into existing CCTV cameras, allowing a cost-effective way to access this service.

Parking accessories

We know that every car park has its own unique set of requirements. We can provide accessories and additional systems designed to improve safety and meet your specific needs. This includes traffic speed bumps, traffic flow plates, road blockers or even tyre killers for high security areas.

We even offer remote control solar parking bay barriers. These allow you to reserve bays for one or more VIPs. Finally, alongside our range of barriers, we can also install made-to-order height restriction barriers, for indoor parking complexes or anywhere else needed.

We’re currently offering a free consultation for our range of barriers and parking systems. Just give us a call or leave your details and a member of the EDS team will be in touch to help. Contact our technical enquiry team at or talk to us on 001212 130130.