How to integrate turntables in your garage

Installing a turntable at your home is a fantastic way to save space, wow your visitors and reduce stress every single day. We know that many homes in new developments or in urban areas don’t have the space to afford a large driveway. There’s nothing more frustrating than parking a car in a narrow driveway or small garage. The only thing that comes close is trying to get your car back out again.

In today’s blog we’ll cover the benefits of integrating turntables in your garage, and how at EDS we ensure each one meets your individual requirements.

What are the benefits of garage turntables?

Enhance property value

Especially as new developments crop up, you need ways to ensure that your property always maintains its value and aesthetic appeal. A turntable sets your home apart from all others in your area. We have a huge range of finishes available, whether you’re looking to match with your driveway or create something truly stunning with a glass finish, we’ve got you covered.

It’s worth mentioning that in the pursuit of easier parking, a vast number of front gardens have been paved over in recent years. Installing a turntable means you won’t have to make this sacrifice.

Ensure regulatory compliance

The highway code and many local planning requirements now restrict vehicles from reversing out of driveways into some roads with heavy traffic. We also know this process can be very stressful.

Installing a car turntable allows you to quickly and easily rotate your car to enter and exit your driveway in a forward direction. This is simple even if you have multiple cars on your driveway which would typically make the process much more difficult.

Maximise parking space

As a population, we own more cars than ever. Maybe it was easy to park when you first bought the house, but now the kids are driving around? We’ve worked with many homeowners who are facing similar challenges. Turntables can help.

Turntables can be customised to fit your garage or an outdoor area of your home. We’ll take into account the size and quantity of vehicles at your home to make a decision on the type of turntable that needs to be installed. Of course, you can also customise its material to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your property.

Easy and safe operation

With all this being said, the main benefit of turntables that we want to highlight at EDS is their safety. As well as saving your neck and back every time you want to leave your driveway, they mean you’ll never have to exit your property unsafely again. It vastly reduces your risk of damaging your car when trying to park.

The turntables themselves can be operated remotely. You can turn up to 360 degrees in any direction using a push button, remote control device, keypad or secure key. The turntables do come equipped with an anti-collision sensor that will automatically stop the motion of the turntable if it detects that there is not enough space to complete a full turn.

How can you access a garage turntable?

At EDS we can install any size of turntable, custom made to suit your home. There are some things you need to take into consideration when choosing your turntable.

How large does it need to be?

For most homes, your turntable will likely only need to be 4.5 metres in diameter, this suits most cars that you’ll see out on the road. Of course, if you have need to accommodate larger vehicles we can make this happen as well.

What kind of area are you working with?

Turntables generally need to be installed on a flat area or on a single plane incline. This is for safety and operational purposes.

Does your turntable have enough room to turn?

We usually recommend leaving a clearance zone of at least an extra metre to allow for unobstructed turning. Of course, anti-collision sensors will protect your vehicle or anything obstructing it in case of an emergency.

What else can your turntable work alongside?

For added security alongside the convenience of a turntable, why not take a look at our range of automatic gates? These help to keep your home secure and only add to the aesthetic value. If you’re looking for a turntable, there’s a good chance that space is at a premium at your home. Our gates can help here too, with precision bi-folding and automatic popup gates that can help you maximise space and security.

Why EDS?

At EDS we’ve been installing turntables for a huge range of purposes for years. We’ve got experience with everything from car showrooms, to industrial turntables designed for HGVs. This versatility means we’re the perfect partner for your driveway project. We’ll manage the process from the first design, to provisioning materials, crafting your bespoke turntable and continued maintenance. All our parts are made here in the UK, allowing us to manage projects quickly and easily.

For more information on what we do, contact our technical enquiry team at or talk to us on 001212 130130.