Our range of residential gates fencing and parking systems

At EDS we know that no matter your vision when designing your dream home, consistency is key. This especially applies to two key areas, the security of your property and its appearance. You can have the best security system in the world, but it’s all for nothing if you leave the door open. At EDS we help to ensure that there’s no gaps in your security system, and that it all lines up with your aesthetic vision.

That’s what today’s blog is all about. We’ll show some of the options available for your home, and how they work in conjunction with other entry and security solutions. If any of these services sound appealing to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch at 01212 130 130.

Residential Automatic Gates

Our range of residential gates are designed bespoke for a wide range of properties, all to meet unique customer specifications. The fact that our gates have been featured on BBC, Channel 4 and even in Mission Impossible is a testament to their versatility!

For your home we present a range of options. For rural properties, where crime rates are rising, we can provide automatic wooden or aluminium gates. These are reinforced by metal bracing and can be further secured by timber rails and bracing bars. Even in challenging terrain, our gates can be installed on shallow inclines if your property features one.

We also know that urban and city environments face some challenging restrictions around how gates can be installed. Especially in areas with small drives and entranceways, often a swinging gate just isn’t practical. That’s why we also offer a range of automatic sliding gates designed to meet the needs of a variety of entranceways.

For a truly special visual impact, we offer automatic rising popup gates. They integrate seamlessly with any environment. These gates can be half or full height, and are ideal for any inner-city property.

Decorative & Security Railings

Railings and fencing have a variety of uses for your home – it’s not just about physical security. Installing railings helps to create a boundary between your home and the outside world. They may also be a requirement for safety guidelines in some outdoor areas.

At EDS we offer a wide range of styles of decorative railings and fencing. These can be tailored in our bespoke facility to meet your exact aesthetic and budgetary needs. We can match with existing gates or fencing, and every solution we provide is designed to offer long life and low maintenance.

If your property already features a perimeter wall, we can install wall topped railings to provide an extra level of security. These railings, traditionally used to protect listed buildings, allow you to protect your property without blocking light or getting in the way of views.

Glass railings and fencing are now some of the most popular available on the market today. Also known as pool fencing, we offer glass railings for both indoor and outdoor environments. Check out our recent blog to learn more.

Entry solutions for apartment complexes

While we have designed many entry services for houses and rural properties, it’s often flats and apartment blocks that require our solutions the most. Gates and railings are naturally important here too, but so are parking systems, revolving doors and access control solutions.

It’s crucial that your residents can smoothly enter and leave your apartment complex, whether this is on foot or in a car. We can protect your car park with a range of road blockers, traffic flow plates, and even automatic rising bollards for high security environments. We can also provide parking revenue payment systems in your car park if they are used by non-residents.

The entrance of your residential complex is a huge part of its aesthetic appeal. You need to create an environment that wows residents and their guests alike. This is where our range of revolving doors are the most effective solution on the market. They quite literally create a warm welcome by preventing the escape of conditioned air and protecting your entrance from the elements. They are also secure, and allow access for high footfall traffic.

Finally, to provide a complete entry solution, we can also assist with the provisioning of access control and security systems for your property. Keeping residents feeling secure is a crucial part of any property. All our access control systems are tailored to the individual needs of your premise, we can offer card readers, biometrics, access tokens and more. These can then be customised for each resident.

We carry out a full site survey to identify what solution would best fit your application, then design a system to suit your needs today and for the foreseeable future, allowing for expansion of the systems as your business grows. To book your consultation, get in touch at 01212 130 130 or email at web@edsuk.com